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My toaster oven is too complicated for me first thing in the morning.

Finally getting around to playing with an ActivityPub implementation. Thanks, @Gargron ,for writing up a tutorial!

Crack 1.5 released! Lambdas! Automatic imports! Free beer and munchies!

Officially throwing in the towel on getting Windows to run in a VM on my Linux desktop.

Just how I wanted to spend the day, fighting with environment variables in Travis.

Imagine a world where the Beatles did exist, but Ringo was replaced with a drum machine.

My band, Social Robot, @Brooklyn Public Library last Friday! (I'm the dude with the beard and the ponytail)

Gigging tonight, almost left my guitar on the train this morning.

There is no one who's time I respect more than those who are doing the work I don't want to do but would otherwise have to.

I fully expect that everyone who continues to use Facebook, complains about them and wants to see them regulated will start using Libra, complain about it, and want to see it regulated.

It just occurred to me that I'm usually at my best when I don't give a fuck.

It's great to live in an era where you can share classics from your childhood like "The Tennessee Bird-walk!" with your children.

Or maybe it's terrifying.

Wall-warts and power strips: somebody didn't think this through.

Some times you just gotta ignore the smell of burning plastic and the screams of your crew-mates, grit your teeth, furrow your brow, pull back the throttle and pilot that fucker right through that asteroid field...

Was looking through the medicine cabinet last night for a decongestant. There was Nyquil and non-drowsy formula pseudofed.
The last time I took Nyquil on a work night I was floored the next morning, so I went with the pseudofed.
Barely slept a wink last night.

Stayed home sick today. This hike is purely thereputic.

Can we all just acknowledge at this point that the Open Workplace is nothing more than a way to save money on facilities?

It's been raining all week here in NY. And let's not even get started on the midwest...

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