Whoa! @AmyChu is on ! I just read the first issue of last night and really liked it. ( is killing it)

I looked her up on twitter and wished she was on here and look! She is! Shoutout to @ladyvader99 for starting a cool instance so I can follow awesome creators!

intentionally slows down iphones to "deliver the best experience for customers". Instead of showing a notification that the battery is getting old, they surreptitiously slow the phone down. It just so happens that this 'fix' convinces people to buy new apple phones. Apple is always looking out for the customer. 🙄 😡


I wish when I add someone to a list, they were removed from my home timeline. It's kind of pointless having a list pinned to filter posts, but then seeing the same posts in my home timeline.

I also wish I could pin columns on the mobile webapp. The whole experience with lists still needs polishing.

So it's official. is buying 21st Century Fox. ☹️

Now Disney will own even more of the TV/movie space and has a controlling interest in .

I really hope this acquisition is blocked.


Old Man's War is coming to Netflix! This is awesome ❗ The Old Man's War series is one of my favorite series and I'm excited to see how Netflix brings it to life.

Congrats to @scalzi!

I'm back at work after the thanksgiving break. Now I have to remember what I was working on before the break.

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hey all!

i'm leia, a queer, hispanic, intersectional feminist woman who has been in comics retail for 8ish years. just moved to chicago, just started this instance like a day and a half ago with ken!

i used to review comics at CBR and write comic based op/eds for Sub-Cultured.com but went freelance for health reasons (that are now better, yay!).

i look forward to getting to know you all <3

As gets more users who have public identities, there are going to be more requests to reserve handles. This isn't something that mastodon supports or plans on supporting. How can mastodon handle across the for these users?

Current hobby:
1. open local/federated timeline
2. scroll halfway down
3. start scrolling back up
4. answer questions and pass out tips along the way

because of how fast local moves on m.s, I'll never make it back to the top. 😆

😃 is getting a lot of new users right now, but, importantly, it's also getting new instances. Here are two comics focused instances for



The Woods Volume 1 

There was an announcement last year that was going to produce a TV series based on . I can't find any recent news on this, but I would love to watch a show based on this story.


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The Woods Volume 1 

I read The Woods Volume 1 last night. I really enjoyed it. It's about a high school that gets transported to some alien environment. The people in the school have to try to survive and figure out what's going on. There's some obvious similarities to Animal Farm and the art/story kind of reminds me of Gravity Falls. I'll definitely be picking up volume 2 on my next trip to the store


@daggertooth@monsterpit.net Hey, can you help me? My monsterpit account isn't working. All I see on mobile is a white screen. I cleared my cookies/cache, reset my password, and logged in successfully, but I still only got a white screen. I'm using Firefox on mobile but got the same issue on desktop Chrome. I'm 0x1C3B00DA over there too, btw.

I think I'm the only person in America who doesn't care about . My devices all reset their own clock. I wouldn't even know it happened if I didn't see so many people complaining about it.

New announced! Finally! But it will only be available on the CN app so I will be finding it online. Screw you Cartoon Network! 😡

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