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@0x1f415 anticapitalistparty has shitposterclub suspended, cybrespace has it silenced

@boots yeah I wasn't going for accuracy (or scale) just to illustrate the overall organization of the network

I drew the nodes first then the labels second as an afterthought

@0x1f415 Only issue is the population fractions - I'd have only one or /maybe/ two GS instances on that web. =P

@0x1f415 Illustration unclear, please provide more confusing car analogies, thanks.

@0x1f415 The MAGA hat really ties the first image together.

@USBhump I almost made it the "please be patient I have autism" hat but had to show a little restraint

@0x1f415 Not bad this illustration. But in the right one there should be more connections - its not a simple circle https://social.bitcast.info/url/262106 .

@0x1f415 The PEDANTRY in response to this very helpful post-for-noobs, omg XD

@mmn focus was on popular perception of GS by newer fediverse members, not supposed to be reflective of reality, as is the graph in the same image

@0x1f415 It sucks that people seem to think we're caps. Mastodon doesn't even have a front-end with the explicit goal to end capitalism. (!qvitter)