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A.G. @0x1f415@mastodon.social

I love the dumb names people have to come up with to conform to the mozilla license's branding clause

first selection is what I feel is the root cause of most of the Despair Vortex we find on social media

second selection is maybe??? a goal to work towards mastodon.social/media/wbQfSMdL

from twitter.com/ctwardy/status/884

what would actually happen if I uninstalled one or all of these mastodon.social/media/fguaLBVY

dildo shaped beverage please give me the good sleeps, thank 🙀 mastodon.social/media/3rWwtY8V

atom gripes:

if I press tab now, this will BOTH complete the auto-correction, and advance the snippet. if I press esc, it will BOTH cancel the auto-correction and the tab index of the snippet selections. I apparently can't do one and not the other???