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tfw some people think that any field exists in isolation and that learning about other fields is stupidity.
no, a lot is intertwined and nothing runs off your back
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man do we ever need a "open ALL the content warnings in this thread" button. I may never use a content warning again, it's so annoying trying to have a discussion inside them.

I forgot hi-rez is like 15 minutes away from me

I could go piss on their front door right now if I wanted to

alma mater: hey we have esports teams now
me: oh, sweet
am: league, smite, paladins, and brawlhalla
me: ...

you fools. every day is infected mushroom day

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I'm going to miss soundcloud, all these good memories of using this definitely good product

I guess this is analogous to my beliefs that people should legally have the right to own guns, but also, society would be much better off if nobody had guns

I don't know how to reconcile my firm belief in the right to free association with my other, soft belief that free association when taken to its natural conclusion enables the worst instincts of humanity and generally makes society worse

first selection is what I feel is the root cause of most of the Despair Vortex we find on social media

second selection is maybe??? a goal to work towards


good album if you like post-hardcore / emo / pop punk / whatever the hell

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