Today I was not fired, and that's a win in my book.

I am officially (and finally) in love with the trifecta!

It's simple, effective and easily configured to your own liking.

Also, having a module for my statusbar is just amazeballs.

Also also, I cannot justify having just used the word 'amazeballs'. I'm better than that. Sorry.

The road to Hell is paved with early-workout-selfies.

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Worried about mass extinction and global heating?

Mother Earth doesn't take cash, sorry. It doesn't need "markets" to divide "scarce resources". The profit motive rarely leads to selfness action.

There's plenty for everyone, if everybody just started caring just a little bit more about each other, and all beings that depend on us, on this planet.

Start small. Buy a house plant. Give it a name, like Bob.

Care for Bob :)

I have tried out a lot of browsers lately, but I keep coming back to !

The hotkeys are a bliss, but more importantly I just love how much of the window is reserved for actual browsing and not occupied by unsolicited toolbars and fancy buttons that I'd never use.

Not bad!

I am in need of recommendations on a compact with decent switches that don't sound like bolts in a blender.

Can anyone be of service on this one? :)

On a sidenote, I have grown to love the USB-passthrough in my current keyboard, but that about sums up the pros. Wouldn't mind that again, though.

Thanks in advance!

I wish the people would form a united front against this God forsaken trend of "international X"-days.

Why are we celebrating that indeed, several people enjoy the occasional pancake? Why do we praise those who need the validation of a Facebook group to eat a fucking steak? What's next? A march for people who don't hate hand lotion?

If this isn't dealt with, we are going to see hairgel hooligans fighting shoelace enthusiasts over the rights to some arbitrary day to host their fake obsession.

I'm sure there's a good reason why browser exensions like 'TreeTab' no longer replace the actual tabs but just provide an additional interface to them.

But why is it? Are browsers shipped in a more 'locked' state nowadays?

I used to enjoy the browsing experience with having no visible tabs by default to better utilize screen real estate.

I finally fixed the network. Have segregated VLANs for management, normal web and guest access with an internal firewall blocking unauthorized packets.

Now it's time to look into the external firewall. And once again I am utterly clueless.

Does anyone have any experience running an client on the ?

I imagine it would spike the CPU, but I'm curious about performance.

The idea is rather cute - having every single host on the network sitting behind a VPN.

I reset my after the Great Firewall Fuckup of 2019 and got it all back up a couple days ago.

This morning, out of no where, DHCP stopped working, and I have half a mind on setting it all on fire and buy a simple router/switch/access point/botnet solution at the local store.

What the hell man.

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Studies indicate that the perceived legitimacy of any online text can be increased with numbers in square brackets[7][8]. Some researchers[who?] claim that square brackets are not a reliable indicator of fact.

Would it be possible to coat the walls in cobber wiring and create a massive, domestic Faraday cage -- then hook up an IMSI-catcher to your gateway as your own, personal cell tower?

Not that I'd ever do it. But would it be possible?

"Yes, hi. I'd like to block all traff--"
"Nono, wait! I wasn't fin

Well fuck.

So I misclicked on a firewall setting on my router and accidentally blocked all traffic on the internal switch.

Regretably, but understandably, I was promptly kicked from the interface and now am unable to fix it.

Gosh darn it.

"Alright, let's close this ticket and just--"
B: beer
"... not now, come on. Just a few lines of--"
B: beer
"... CODE, dude. You're at work. Okay, let's compile this sucker and--"
B: icecold IPA
"... oh my god, stop working against me. You're my brain, you GOT me this job, now help me do it."
"Fine, be quiet then!"
B: I'll be quiet. 'Quiet thirsty for beer' - AM-I-RITE!?

I really should come up with a new profile picture. I just have zero creativity.

Finally got bridging and VLAN working togeher on my desktop yesterday and in turn have all my VM's fanned out into their proper subnets. Now I can start setting up firewall policies.

Oh whoa. Moning typo.

*I need help
*for some reason

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