@Miaourt LMAO that is why I just followed you, to reply like that

@duponin @Miaourt doing alright! Just haven't used social media much lately.

@0x42Sky @Miaourt Cool to hear Happy to see you back :blobcatpat:

Doing well, things are living their life

@Miaourt Do you use something like aurora store?
I've been wondering if I should use it for a few things ;;
But on the other hand I'd like to be completely open source =-=

@Miaourt One example would be steam, for the authenticator...

@Miaourt hmmmmmm, I like having an authenticator app wherever possible. It's just a bit dumb that steam doesn't seem to support anything but their own app.
That is so far the only non open source app that I'd use

@0x42Sky well it's basically sending you a code on their app rather than on your email... you log that often into "new steam" ?

@Miaourt not really, I just like having it that way. And using the app is probably not that big of a deal...

Even though trying to use only OSS would be a fun experiment to see how far I actually can get

@0x42Sky I do use Aurora store, bc heck not everything I use is libre uhuh

I coupled it with "Shelter" app, so if I give file access permissions to thoses app they kinda only can see their sandboxes :3

@Miaourt I didn't know about shelter, will look into that.

@newt I sadly never used copperhead, but since it's from the same creator I assume it's trying to be that or rather something better

@0x42Sky oh cool! Cuz I remember Daniel talking about making them a paid option.
@0x42Sky well, they were a paid thing for Pixels running Copperhead back when it was a thing

@newt I see.
Not with grapheneOS. You get OTA updates

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