markdown is basically just macros for html so it's still doing that document tree thing and that's just not how i think about text documents. for me text documents flow line by line. i want my format to let me think like i would and not like a computer would. the computer should be able to figure out how to turn that into the form it likes.

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i want my own text format that isn't markdown

i hate it when i crash but feeling alive feels nice too sometimes!!!!!!!!!!

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anybody got recommendations for a simple usb (type a, preferrably) dac that's linux compatible?

why is it so difficult to navigate between different parts of sourcehut? i can't figure out how to go from git to todo to mailing lists easily. am i not seeing something? is there a javascript only button?

i wonder if there's some sort of an internal port i can use to replace the headphone jack with a small usb dac

the high tech fix for my pinebook's speaker problems: removing the speaker

got proper sleep working on my pinebook, it's not losing battery anymore while resting.

these last couple of days haven't been great

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1994 internet users: "Wait... This is a purely conceptual space, this is just like my cyberpunk novels! We can be anything we want here.... I bet one day we'll be able to appear as anything we want, in any space we want, and explore our ideas freely here...."

2020 internet users: "Isn't VRchat that thing for pedos who like anime girls? Oh well, time to put on a suit for my new LinkedIn pfp, got 3 video job interviews today."
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my new computer architecture consists of a single rat
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