If I try to clone a repo on github now, it says I should `gh repo clone` NOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooo

@neauoire for the best possible experience, download the free 30-day trial of Microsoft® Github™ Live®™

@slisne @neauoire goddam

Why doesn’t anybody listen when we tell them Microsoft ruins everything?

@requiem @slisne @neauoire you can't ruin something that was already bad.

One of the things people say when you complain about git being a nightmare to use for new users: "just make your own porcelain, it's what you're supposed to do for git"

So you can't complain if GitHub makes an easier-to-use porcelain, can you?

(Disclaimer: I have no idea if the GitHub thing is any easier to use.)

@cancel @requiem @slisne I think you can ruin something something bad and make it worse ✋

@neauoire @requiem @slisne It's not even the default. Look I don't really give a crap about GitHub but this attack doesn't hold up for me.

@cancel @neauoire @requiem @slisne it’s important to recognise that web companies *frequently* bucket users into different UX experiments to analyse engagement.

Interpret MS’s intent how you want off of that information, just be wary of telling people they’re wrong based on your own experience of UI in the age of experiment bucketing and content targeting - it’s easy to be a source of misinformation.


@grimmware @cancel @neauoire @requiem @slisne using computers today feels like living in a house where the walls shift whenever you're not looking

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@0x7D2B @cancel @neauoire @requiem @slisne yeah it’s pretty bullshit because there’s no indication that your experience is entirely subjective.

I’d have more feels about it but honestly it’s kinda reflective of the wider world having no cohesive “consensus reality” any more. The world feels very much like the house with shifting walls.

I still feel uneasy about the asymmetry of knowledge regardless.

@grimmware @cancel @neauoire @requiem @slisne i wonder if "consensus reality" is something we lost or something that never existed to begin with.

@0x7D2B @grimmware @cancel @requiem @slisne I'm confused, are you talking about social websites doing a/b testing? Like how the UI of any one website will look different to two different people?

@grimmware @0x7D2B @cancel @requiem @slisne ah yeah, I remember when I was using facebook a couple of years ago, I always had the crappy version and Rekka had the better of the two layouts whenever they would change something

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