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We're planning to have a meeting to kick off the new year.

Take stock of where we are, what we need to do, and who wants to do it with us.

This means that even if you haven't contributed before, but would like to and think you can this coming spring, you're very welcome to join us!

We're checking suitable times with Doodle:


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Why we're softlaunching our crowdfunding campaign, and what else you can do to contribute, all collected here in this one blog post.

It is in your hands to help us kick off 2020!


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Florence preparing for Crowdfunding 

#Florence will soon™ launch their crowdfunding campaign.

For this we're looking for donation matching. It can be small (like $100), and it can be bigger (like $5000). Or anyhting in between.

You can be a private person, publicly or anonymously, you can be a company that wants to help support the kind of space we want to create.

If you want to help out with this feel free to DM me, preferably with an email that I can contact you on later!

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It occurred to me that this kind of design would put humans first and the computer second. Hmm...

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I have this intense desire to design a systems programming lang that prioritizes predictability.

It would have a specification, a reference, a memory model, a stable ABI, etc.

The assembly would reflect the original code and data structures as close as possible to minimize guessing on what the compiler is actually doing, but there'd also be well-documented optimization levels/options to loosen those constraints.

But I should honestly stop trying to do things that are way over my head...

Current obsession: reading about struct size optimization using field reordering, and wondering why modern systems languages aren't providing stable ABIs with this by default.

Seems like such a wasted opportunity imo

I just want to write a procedural macro to make reversible functions but apparently Rust expects me to learn when/how to use 3 separate crates to do that, so I'm giving up instead!

Ran into a tel: link on my desktop, but Firefox didn't know how to open it. Then it occurred to me I could try sending it to my phone to open it, and it worked! ...But now I wish doing this was more straight-forward.

geez i just want to make a personal gitea instance on my raspi with https, but the documentation is kinda confusing...

It'd be great if Twidere could use all the space between avatars for tweets instead. Having the name, handle, and time all on the same line makes it unnecessarily cramped

personal ranting 

I'm so frustrated and scared. After drudging through 5 years for a degree in CS, I can barely find a job in my area, and what is available is for defense companies (blegh).
I'm so fucking tired. I just graduated but programming is rarely fun for me anymore and I'm scared of being stuck in a job where I'll hate myself every day.

nihilism, despair 

Looking forward to when people start becoming suicidal billionaire assassins once they internalize that they're already dead

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nihilism, despair 

What's even the point of looking for a job when I know there's no future for me

Writing a VCS in Python is apparently what happens when you leave me without internet for a day and a half

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There's been so much love, and work poured into this. It may look small, but this release is it, we're here, #Florence has just made it's first Pre-release 0.1.0, a place where you can switch over from Mastodon if you want, and with information about where we're going next.

Thank you everyone who's been with us for the past year, we wouldn't have been here without any of you!


It's only been half a day, but I already feel an improvement from moving the desktop PC, WiFi, etc. out of my room and into the living room.

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attention all Touhou gamers:

I wrote a deep and personal reflection on how Touhou Project inspires me to live my best life


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Hey, wanna help get #Florence off the ground but can't really give time to the project right now?

Right now a star on Github would go a long way!

As we're looking to reach 100 stars before we set up our Open Collective for crowdfunding.

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Looking For: Code reviewers for #Florence 

As we're getting this show on the road, and are preparing for the Pre-release 0.1 of #Florence we're looking for some active code-reviewers. Both for the actual code, and for where the feature / PR lands within our planned goals etc. This means that we want to have non-coder reviewers!

Our goal will be to have one of each, i.e. one person looking at the code, and one person seeing where it aligns, if we forgot something important about this kind of feature.

Obviously additional people will always be welcome to help, as we are looking to never burn one or two people out, but have a larger rotation of people who can contribute this way.

You can find our repo here: github.com/florence-social/mas

Join the Chat to stay in touch and help out:

#MastoDev #MastoFork #ForkTogether

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