@beadsland @u2764 @Tdorey The theory that helps here is placemaking. Space isn't what's "out there", the passive backdrop to our agency. Even more so, place is social, co-constructed, relational. So it's what we make together. And then there's the path we make together, by walking it.

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I want to think a bit about how to clear time for this kind of activism, how not to be going flat out all the time, so that we can build on possibility together.

Soil time is like hiatus time. Space for thinking.

1. The developer is present
2. The community is really thinking through how functions, standards and practices work
3. No blue ticks, no faux celebrity
4. The kindness of strangers
5. Quality over quantity: a novel approach to growth

(Also: handstands, lenses, small stories -- new ways of thinking about how we're doing as humans)

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So for me there's a colonialist logic to the dismissal of reflection as navel gazing. Reflection on self and practice can't detour around questions of power, and these are awkward questions for power itself.

So there's an effort to trivialise and dismiss reflection, that's worth keeping an eye on.

Hope this helps, Maha. Why did you ask?

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"Mastodon and GNU Social are important, but what is missing is a larger social movement to reclaim individual autonomy while simultaneously coming together in organic communities and networks. If we all just abandon Twitter and Facebook without thinking through how to keep meaningfully connected, we've lost an important sense of social cohesion."

So much to think through here, thank you @dnorman

@Gargron you're amazingly dedicated to this platform & running it yourself is bound to throw up teething probs. You're doing great and your openness about process & attention to detail are noticed.. (sending encouragement!)

@lauraritchie @Gargron I just wanted to send encouragement too. We're all used to big corporate platforms that stay open 24/7, and in return for that they use and sell all of our labour. We pay a high price for the appearance of stability, which is really just exploitation.

The work you do here is really appreciated. So glad you are OK, and lovely that it's back.

I was surprised how much I worried about it, in a human way.

Reading John Berger's collection of short essays of art criticism, I just came across this:

"What the painting by Bosch does is to remind us -- if prophecies can be called reminders -- that the first step towards building an alternative world must be a refusal of the world-picture implanted in our minds and all the false promises used everywhere to justify and idealise the delinquent and insatiable need to sell. Another space is vitally necessary.”

(John Berger, The Shape of a Pocket)

@14prinsp thank you. sometimes we need to be reminded of the work remaining. I feel like the whole of 2016 has been bringing me back from a comfortable place to face the fact that some work will never be done and that we don't have a 'right' to relax. I thought our generation has sorted so much but we stopped paying attention and settled back.

Rant alert: (6) So I leave the venue to meet my same-sex partner in the hotel room. We walk the streets of Kuala Lampur as if we just happen to be friends. Because we dare not touch. Because we are less human in the bazaar of we live on the edges, quiet, and scared. End of rants.

Rant alert: (5) Young black female from the African continent gets up and asks - what about transgender rights? Who will stand up for them? Uncomfortable silence in the audience. Some who cheered the claim to female rights suddenly quiet. Some audience members applaud. Official response - of course they are protected because, you know, - WTF. Back at square one.

Rant alert: (4) And so the story ends - a small victory for calling out discrimination and criminalities for what they are - we cannot hide behind the 'cultural veil' - no one should be allowed to hide behind his or culture. End of story - the male in the suit who made the remark - smirks, lies back in his chair in self-congratulatory glee and whispers to his subordinate (a male)

Rant alert: (3) Keynote responds - I respect culture - but when the rights of human beings are disrespected, we cannot hide behind culture. Female minister of education from Botswana chirps in - we need to reveal these practices for what they are - criminal and not culture. Audience applauds.

Rant alert: (2) In her keynote on women empowerment the UN Under Secretary-General for Women (Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka) said that we should be serious about addressing issues like FGM and female child brides that rob women of fulfilling their potential as human beings. Minister of education from Nigeria responds - you have not right to say things about my culture, don't touch my culture. Audience gasps. WTF (see rant 3)

Rant alert: (1) Attending PCF8 in Kuala Lampur - powerful session on gender equality & women empowerment thru education. Male (in suits, of course) backlash immediately claiming and what about men? WTF

An interesting new political news site that may of interest to my US friends maketruthgreatagain.org/ "The goal of the Make-Truth-Great-Again campaign is to build a nonprofit organization whose sole purpose is to make truth virtuous again in our American public and political discourse"

Thank you all for the conversation, the engagement, the if-we-could-make-this-work-what-will-it-look-like thoughts. I was always wondering what the group of people who will be sent to inhabit (or is it colonise?) Mars will talk about when they arrive? What will they imagine the community to be like? The terms of engagement? The ethics, the rules, the shared understanding of the co-responsibility for 'different'...

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