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ME - Dad I asked you not to pick me up from school dressed like that.

DAD - I got drenched in the rain my shirt is soaking wet. Get over it you know your dad looks hot.

Me - Yeah dad that was middle school. I moved on to girls since then. The cool thing is they suck my dick, instead of me sucking yours. I got over that faze dad you missed your chance. The boys with boners and born that way gay friends of mine.

DAD - I gave a gay boys a boner. You should invite them over. To go swimming naked. We should send your mother somewhere. Like to her sisters. Ever had ass sex son? Now that's a nice fuck. Maybe a sleep over thing. A bunch of your gay friends, I get a keg of beer. We like things happen.

ME - Dad Stop! The fact that your mind goes there is scary. The fact the you are turning me on makes me twisted just like you. Can you get rid of mom by this weekend? .

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Dad lets me watch him shower when he gets home from work. It gets me all worked up so when he gets out he can fuck really hard before mom comes home.

A few nights ago he was pounding on my ass bent over the sink in his bathroom. We could here the garage door open as we both shot our loads off.

Dad grabs his bathrobe and goes down to distract mom while I clean my cum off the cabinet, counter and mirror. Mom notices dad is semi hard and goes to suck his cock right there in the kitchen, and after he just fucked my ass with that dick.

She never said a word, and dad said the whole Idea was some sick perverted turn on for him and he shot another load after about three minutes. She swallowed his load and said thanks that was a nice surprise.

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VSF Gay porn lovers inside 

Wish you were here

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NSFW and stuipid republicans 

Dad was a pervert and doing his best to make me one. He started at an early age, talking about my dick, and how important it was. He showed me how to jerk off and feed me straight porn. Even told me he would fuck my mom downstairs on the couch and I should watch from the stairs. That when I realized what was happening. I was him I was looking at. At what his important cock was doing. The power it had over my mother. How he made her beg for it. I remembered he pulled out and shot jizz across my mothers back as we made eye contact. I went to bed that night knowing I just learned a lesson. Dad showed up in my room at 4 AM suggesting I should kiss the cock that has so much power. Then asked me if he could do that to me someday. As he crawled into my bed for my next lesson. .

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#NSFW or nsfw memory issues 

Our dad works for a adult store company and at the age of 14 would let's us test out the equipment. Needless to say over the next few years it turned the whole family into perverts. Sex is our favorite past time, but there is only so much you can do with three brothers and one sister.

Dad's brother has five kids, three more guys and two girls. Dad invited them to stay with us. Aunt and Uncle took our room the girls move into the girls room and all six boys our sleeping in the camper they brought with them. You should see that thing bounce when all six of us are fucking each other.

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#NSFW Dad reaction to the news 

DAD - Son you know your mother took off three months ago.

ME - Yes dad.

DAD - Which also means I have had no sex since them.

ME - This was not about you dad it was about me.

DAD - You saying your gay and suck dick should have no correlation to my need to rape your ass right now. What are you crazy? Suck my fucking dick son. NOW.

ME - Yes SIr

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#NSFW ords 

Dad said even though he was drunk he seem to think brothers of a certain age should not be taking baths together. So when we started making out he assumed it was okay because we are gay. He made us get out saw our hard cocks, and offer us fifty bucks to watch us suck each other off in the 69 position with a promise not to tell mom.

He started jacking off to us doing it. Finally he asked we would fuck each other? My brother said that is another fifty dollars dad. We fucked each other right in front of dad and he jacked himself off, and then past out.

The next morning mom gets back from visiting her sisters. Finds dad in his chair with his penis in his hand. Dad tells her he caught her two sons having sex last night. Mom said that's crap you were just drunk again. Dad insisted. Finally mom explains they only have one son he was just seeing double.

Dad was like Why am I missing a hundred bucks then?

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Dad's gay brother my Uncle Tony got a little carried away when visited him over the summer. He has been edging me for three days down in the kitchen.

Then Dad calls and asks if I am alright. I explain what's happening, He tells his brother he driving over and should be here by morning

Then he says don't let him cum. Wait until I get there and we can take turns raping him. It occurs to me that this trip was dads idea. My first long drive since I got me license.

Turns out my dad's side of the family specializes in Bipolar Disorder. Dad and uncle are really twisted when it comes to sex.

Dad must of quit his job and not one word from my mom in months. Dad and his brother are acting like lovers and I am their slave boy and sex toy.

Crazy how things change, Uncle brought home a baby brother two years younger. It nice when your not the bottom of the food chain.

Over six months and I have become just like them, I love gay sex. giving and receiving pain. Uncle and I drive two states over, and find me a stay at home boyfriend just I can fuck with.

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