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@20Hz Is it necessary to put a newline between every hashtag like that? It fills up the whole timeline. 😕

@nolan :( sorry. Not like I am going to do that every day. Just want to connect with my peeps :)

@nolan it's - working :0. I am connecting with people who have similar interests :)

@enkiv2 @drwho
Thanks for posting this.
I am going to run it later today.

@20Hz @drwho NP. I should note that I know nothing about music theory, so results are questionable. But I'm proud of having written something that makes it comfortable to compose music from the command line with sox.

@20Hz @drwho I remember looking into that a year or two ago and having a lot of trouble getting it working.

Do you know of a usable python midi library? That stuff is a minefield of broken/outdated projects with portability issues, & it doesn't make much sense.

@enkiv2 @20Hz @drwho

It seems to work pretty well for me. The midi library in it is pretty good as well. If I were you I would give it a shot again as it is the best imo package for music and sound available for python

@chaotic_signals @20Hz @drwho I probably had trouble with pyo because I'm on a weird fringe source distro. Basically anything where the binary is listed before the source gives me lots of trouble. I'll give it another try though.

@enkiv2 Yeah that is possible, that may be the problem. try it again as it is very useful and you can design instruments with a gui. Which increases accessibility

@drwho @chaotic_signals @enkiv2

I have an installation on ubuntu studio 14.04(need to update)

And on OS X 10.8

@drwho @chaotic_signals @20Hz
I'm running Lunar.

The Lunar maintainers have a policy of never writing their own patches -- all packages are just build scripts for official sources. Avoids the debian-breaking-ssl issue.

Unfortunately, official QT source releases don't work with the latest libjpeg, which breaks not only all KDE apps but also WXWidgets; I can't build PYO because I can't disable GUI support for it.

@enkiv2 @chaotic_signals @drwho

What is your reason for picking that distro over the others?

@20Hz @drwho @chaotic_signals
Within reason, all problems on it are things I can fix, if I put in the work -- even if I have to edit the source to do so. (This is not true of binary distros.)

Any bug I find is actually an upstream bug, not a distro bug, so I can submit patches for my fixes. (I almost never do, but I could.)

The default package set is very small, so I can keep my system lean. My newest computer is 5 years old so this is important to me.

@chaotic_signals @drwho @20Hz
Now, occasionally I run into issues like large bloated libraries that won't build & are too big for me to debug (QT), but I take it as a sign that I don't want to be using such a library anyway -- if I can't even get it to build, it's large enough that serious quality control on it probably isn't possible.

Most problems on lunar are actually just bad assumptions being made by build scripts -- easily identified & fixed.

@enkiv2 @20Hz No. Kinda wish I did. I had an idea for an XMPP-to-MIDI bot as an art hack, but never worked on it, just made some notes.

@enkiv2 @20Hz I don't remember any music theory (grew up playing a few instruments, stopped for health reasons). Mostly I play around until I get something that sounds and looks interesting.

@enkiv2 @20Hz Cool! I'll check that out.

I've been considering building a Markov bot, feeding it a few hundred tablitures, and then seeing what comes out of it.

@20Hz I haven't seen anyone mention #csound in a while! I only recently started learning #max/MSP, but I really like it so far.


Cool! I only use it occasionally. I use max/msp a lot more.

How are you learning max/msp ? Through a book/tutorial/videos/experimentation?

@20Hz One of the other departments at Berklee where I teach has the app in their curriculum, so I bought one of the textbooks they use.

Great! Which text book? If you don't mind me asking.

@mjjohnson Oh cool. that is a good one! Easy to understand. Really precise and definite instructions and there are a lot useful tools that come with it.

@20Hz I learned Csound a while ago, but I haven't touched it for a few years. I only have time to work on max/MSP during the summers, so it's a bit slow going.


it's an awesome creative tool! It's well worth any effort you might put into it. What are you using it for or planning to use it for?

@20Hz For a while I was creating experimental electronic music. I released a record of it 7-8 years ago. But recently I have been doing more conventional rock, pop and jazz stuff, both as a producer and as an artist. Mostly ProTools, Logic, and some Ableton. I want to get back to the experimental stuff at some point, though.

@mjjohnson Great. Yeah well the sky is the limit these days with the tools available now. It blows my mind sometimes what we can be done with them

@mjjohnson Mostly experimental electronic music. I sometimes use jit to create digital art. My avatar on here is a product of that.

@20Hz ever do any tracker stuff (back in the day or currently)?

@therealklanni I tried buzz tracker many years ago.

I made several pieces on renoise/ Does that count as a tracker?

@20Hz you got me at #musiccomposition #musicproduction ... I've been playing around with Reason 9 since last summer, but I still have a lot to learn in that field! :musical_score:
(Also into #astronomy a bit!)

@20Hz You sound like someone who might be interesting :)

@stufromoz Thanks! I might also be considered boring in some circles as well :)

@20Hz HA! Not in mine... I work in tech support for a small software co, and sing in a choir that mostly does new music, with some #deadwhiteguymusic too...

That sounds great!
What is your vocal register?
What is the name of the choir you are in?

@20Hz Choir is called Leichhardt Espresso Chorus, and I am in that and the chamber version, called Ristretto (we are a community choir based in a traditionally Italian area of Sydney, hence the name) next concert is this espressochorus.com.au/performa

@stufromoz I took a listen to the excerpt of "Ira" -

Movement 5 in the Seven Deadly Sins suite by Dan Walker.

Sounds good. Curious, about the arrangements of Sigur Ros you will be performing on the 30th

@20Hz Yeah, I was curious how that was going to work.. But, Dan is an amazing arranger, and he has made good use of us as instrumental replacements. (tho a bassline that is mostly rhythm can get boring)

@20Hz He writes for a lot of choirs, there is a commercially available CD of some of his stuff (we have commissioned a bunch of stuff by him) sydneyphilharmonia.com.au/shop

@stufromoz I will be sure to check it out. Do you ever do solo singing or do you prefer choirs?

@20Hz I used to do solo stuff. But that requires much more work, and I am a very slack muso... Hence choir is great, because the pressure is much less, while there is still the pleasure of making music with others (which is what feeds my soul it seems)

@20Hz I sing bass, normally bass 2 if required...

@20Hz Speaking of #PureData, have you checked Automatonism.com ? Otherwise, it sounds like we share several interests, including music coding. Been dabbling in a few of these (including #SuperCollider and ChucK) after getting into #SonicPi. Never really got into #Csound but it was my friends’ favourite, ca. 1991.
As for #AbletonLive, been having quite a bit of fun with it since noticing that #KorgGadget for iOS came with a license for Lite.
What kinds of Jazz move you?

we do share several interests.
Automatonism.com looks really cool. Downloading it now.

I love bebop mostly but i am really open as far as era's and styles go. I could make a huge list but I do not want to sit here writing it out all day:joy:

@20Hz Fair enough for Jazz styles. #ModalJazz is actually my favourite, especially from the ECM label. Coming from Montreal, been influenced by #JazzFusion quite a bit. Our Big Band was mostly in the #BuddyRich style (directed by a very intense drummer). Also played Salsa and such. Not to mention Malian hunters’ music. And a full production of #WestSideStory along with several concert bands.