RT @discordapp: We think developers should be able to focus on building great games and communities.

In 2019, the Discord store will allow all developers to self-publish games with a 90/10 revenue split so they can.

Read: t.co/MFJTbVZrf3 t.co/V9HckJaSHQ

RT @saltydkdan: They joke, but all I can imagine is:

“Dislikes haven’t been getting much love lately... so starting next week we plan on removing the dislike button” t.co/YhAsMcA74P

Switch owners, how do u all verbally describe the face buttons to others when the joycons are used as separate controllers?

RT @Floofle_Puff: @ashieboop has been TRAIN-ing lately.

◉ ◆ ◉ t.co/bGVpGAC5tE

RT @PlayOverwatch: ! 12 prizes, 12 days.

Day 2: Deadlock Delivery

RT for a chance to win today's prize and RT every day for a chance to win a GRAND PRIZE package from @msiUSA.

📜 t.co/QjFyNbRWrU t.co/eePKIL5SlL

RT @Overbuff: Brigitte, Doomfist, and Junkrat's new Toast victory poses.

(Brigitte wins it all for her cat mug.) t.co/NUx3IUrqer

RT @LivingTombstone: @SandraDRivas Hollywood's version of a writer's block

RT @weaponnames: Nintendo Wii U Classic GameCube Controller Remote Pad-chuck Plus Pro t.co/KQAJK8WEUe

RT @NXOnNetflix: You think December isn’t metal? WELL, PREPARE FOR SURPRISE NEW AGGRETSUKO TO MAKE IT METAL AF. 🤘🎄🤘🎄🤘
(hell yeah that’s Rancid’s @timtimebomb singing Jingle Bells) t.co/QSRDELuoNO

RT @MKBHD: Creators want YouTube Rewind to be a celebration of YouTubers and the biggest/best stuff on the platform that year.

YouTube wants Rewind to be a couple minutes they can show to advertisers and say “look at all the great stuff over here that you want to spend your dollars on!”

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