RT @JackDC93: Two years after "A Sky Full of Stars", and one year after "Shelter" and "Just Waiting", @kitkatyj and I are back with another collab!

Check out "Impossible" now!

RT @kitkatyj: Me and @JackDC93 continue our tradition (every August 19th) with a new PMV Collab - Impossible!
t.co/vHbM9pAaa0 t.co/Iplc4zmH3U

RT @Jhayarr23PH: Happy Anniversary to the premier brony community in Southeast Asia, @SEAPonyCon. ^^ t.co/EYodKOWqx3

RT @JackDC93: One year ago, I premiered my most ambitious PMV to date @SEAPonyCon 2017. Nearly 200K views later, I massively appreciate all the love this PMV got. Thank you.

RT @artbymoga: Just found all these really old Jesus comics on my computer... t.co/90Vgw6nrkA

RT @billwurtz: thanksgiving 2, the Turkey's revenge

RT @SethEverman: stop commenting ”run me over daddy” i don’t have a driver’s license

RT @highonthighs: check out this video of a man getting hit by a train t.co/RA5T07T4AL

RT @AboveUp: RT this if you didn't get suspended yet, proving you're more powerful than Jack. t.co/X3FXdp2fcO

and since we're all getting nostalgic with @SEAPonyCon, might as well give you all this playlist again, and relive the PMV Dreamteam showcases, all in the order they were shown~


and thanks so much again @SEAPonyCon for giving me a chance to meet such a wonderful friend, @ashieboop, in person. it was damn well worth it. 💛 t.co/QH8LqnKBnD

hap birf seahorsecon~

thanks for giving me a chance to experience a full-on pony convention. even if it's not the biggest, it's still something special~


mlp is really taking the whole "everyone can hear you sing"
meta to the next level

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