currently nerding out over speaker wiring setups, but what the fuck is being achieved with this kind of setup?
(the amp is stereo)

RT @aeonlamb: Hey, so apparently Discord decided to quietly update their TOS with a clause that says you must forfeit your right to sue them or take part in a class-action lawsuit.

There's a way to "opt out" if you do so within the next 30 days by emailing

also, if someone can test this little setup out, it'd be great:

take just one speaker. hook up left positive from amp to speaker positive, then hook up right negative from amp to speaker negative

see what happens when you play a stereo source on that~

small correction to my speaker setup:
the large speakers are now connected in series

so i ended up trying this setup anyway

The result? the large speakers are now outputting the difference between the left and right channels (that thing you do when you wanna make an "instrumental" out of an mp3)

need advice from someone with electrical experience

i have 4 speakers with /- input terminals, and a receiver using 3.5mm jacks for input/output. out of curiosity what will happen if i wire them together like this?

RT @JollyWangcore: "how should our smg's shoot Mr Treyarch?"

In a straight line with very little recoil.

"Gotcha, what about our rifles?"

Hmm I'm thinking in a straight line with very little recoil.

"Uhh LMGs?"

Hmmm probably in a straight line with very little recoil.

RT @JollyWangcore: Good to know after all these years call of duty's gunplay is as boring and bland as ever.

RT @CyrusIsOk: we cant get demonitized if there's no youtube

RT @NintendoAUNZ: At Nintendo AUNZ’s @PAXAus booth, you can try the with , free-play Super Ultimate

RT @AdamAta64: You know, there's a lot of hate and sarcasm for fortnite, but i will admit the amount of varied content they provide in such a short amount of time is honestly something the games industry needs and i'm glad to see a company doing stuff like this.

the impression any foreigner would get from this pic alone is that the place has air conditioning

it doesn't

RT @DreamTech_Oz: I am officially banned from cooking dinner for the work crew.

RT @triplejplays: Alice In Chains - Red Giant [13:37]

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