RT @LastWeekTonight: There’s no show tonight! So here’s an update on the car commercial we wrote for a local dealership earlier this year. Which, honestly, might be better than a show! t.co/HbnGyk5ek1

(( also because google sucks and removed the ability to enable immersive mode globally from Android 11 ))

petition for the @steam Link app to be added immersive mode for android phones because rn it doesn't even fill the whole screen

"need to install an app so i can track X's location"

bitch ur phone is trackable the moment you connect to ur mobile network

and even more so after u agreed to let google track ur everything

hot take: crime investigation drama TV shows should be taken off the air because all they do is give people absolute wrong ideas about how location tracking works in real life

...often to the point that they don't realise their MOBILE PHONES are indeed tracking devices

still waiting for that free rez infinite key i was supposed to receive :u

RT @ID_Subway: Today is the day! Restoran pertama Subway hadir di Townsquare Cilandak lantai 1.

Tetap ikuti protokol kesehatan yang ada untuk kebaikan bersama! Enjoy the good food that good for you.

RT @rzubek: Interesting: Valve just banned NFT-based games on the Steam platform.

Recent change to platform guidelines:
t.co/ghPZ3bhyzy t.co/o8JlTbtUMy

RT @BrainstormAlex: So great to see this come to life. Thank you to @robclemz, @fibrealex and fellow backers for making this happen and sharing sgap's masterpiece. t.co/vqbM4DAB7S

I mean... sure.... but it won't be as "brick" as the original brick tho :p

will be interesting to see tho


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