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2007e⚔calibur2007 @20excalibur07@mastodon.social

it's hell when your parents are so used to old tedious methods of filing tax forms that they begin questioning a lot of things when a simple and easier method is introduced

then again they're like that with pretty much everything else

RT @TODAYonline: Motorists shocked as porn plays on large billboard at busy Manila intersection. The video appeared for about half a minute on an electronic billboard at a busy intersection on the main road through Makati City, the central business district of Manila. t.co/9bkS6vPmva t.co/XWo0TkQ352

RT @_Weaver: I'm never gonna play overwatch but I am always here for stories abt women shooting each other and then, crucially, not shooting each other t.co/ZUhXpzqjLu

RT @vress_shark: 안녕하세요! 브레스 인형 텀블벅 후원이 시작되었습니다!! t.co/5CPpxD8eQU t.co/CdWAmIUtgP

overwatch's Brigitte explained in TF2 terms:

demoman with a chargin targe caber, except brigitte's caber doesn't explode and is a ranged melee weapon instead. also she's not really into demolitions

RT @Crazed54678: Pokemon released a bunch of fliers around parts of the world and i just found that out. t.co/G44eyWlLCC

some of the best songs are the ones that talk about struggles in life that you can relate to but the instrumentals sound deceptively uplifting

when all the birds are singing
i get vertigo~
then all my problems kick in
just like dominos~

hard-hitting 'headlines' involving the 'head' of facebook t.co/o92QAn6wOI

i guess i gotta do my taxes soon :\

adulthood woooooooooo