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2007e⚔calibur2007 @20excalibur07@mastodon.social

i guess i gotta do my taxes soon :\

adulthood woooooooooo

RT @triplejplays: .@BIRDSOFTOKYO - Broken Bones [01:08]

RT @SuperMarilink: @iPodschun @authorblues @Brossentia t.co/NFSvCG65Ak

RT @ikanbungkus: Cute chocolate themed hotel rooms in Bandung, but perhaps this one was lost in translation? t.co/7XJGrXyxyc

RT @SoundotWaves: The mystery dungeon games are the best pokemon games. This is a fact. t.co/o0CBZJm4fT

RT @Nyehpperino: please im in stitches nobody joined her league room so i made a pair room and we played until the maps rotated and then she CHANGED HER NAME t.co/NtExbNOpub

RT @sakuraxcheetah: Commissions are open!!
You can contact me via DM, DA note. or email.
Details are in the link below.
t.co/4rGZQLnUKb t.co/VM8dHHiZc9

RT @thebobpalmer: Marvel: 'Infinity War is the most ambitious crossover event in history'
Me: t.co/NStBNq1ezx

Stephen Hawking AND keyboard cat. truly a sad year ;w;

RT @KeyboardCatReal: Keyboard Cat passes. I am so bummed. t.co/0ehLWJ2j1H

RT @INCatFriday: Today, we pay tribute to the legacy of Bento the @KeyboardCatReal

Play 'em off, buddy.

t.co/pIf9juuJhb t.co/qRBvx9aNol