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2007e⚔calibur2007 @20excalibur07@mastodon.social

y'all ever eaten at a Yoshinoya?
i bet no one realized they had a fuckin video game

welp. my earbuds' left ear died again. bought a new (better) one that's hopefully more durable than the last two i broke. :\

RT @ashieboop: it's cool how far we've come, spyro on ps4 looks amazing t.co/UJedeoaAx5

my mum treats every flight check-in stage like it's fucking rush hour and they wonder why i prefer giving myself plenty of time and just going at things at my own pace

it's already saturday in singapore.
Will be preparing to leave for the airport in about 6 hours from now.

The transition from 1st world back to 3rd world will be painful. It always is. It's a reality I wish I didn't have to deal with.

hell yes, someone charted THE best song in video game soundtrack history for RB3

RT @JarrodFeng: Fellow PMV Creator, Animerge has unfortunately been scammed, leaving them thousands in debt, I implore anyone financially able to help~


RT @SmolSammichOwO: If you've commissioned me in the past or recently, if you want to please message me so I can get my stupid ass to work on it.
I need to do more.
I'm sorry

all good times must eventually come to an end

RT @X6Sire: YTP is dead (delete Sony Vegas), the future is right here t.co/3tq3kHavQH