RT @SethEverman: you awe not immune to pwopaganda UwU

RT @marcan42: Coworker bought a new scope and, well, you all knew this was going to happen didn't you. t.co/UVXQI7QHFU

my dad upon seeing that i've bought a switch:

"people still play nintendo games? i thought nintendo was no more"

my mum joining in:

"i thought only little kids play nintendo games"

they're so out of touch with modern gaming culture

am not in the US, but i heard this state doesn't have sales tax, so....

i've linked my twitter to my nintendo account

you can try to find me if you want now :p

so i'm in a bit of a dilemma with my switch here

there is no eShop in indonesia

but all of the eShop cards (and the games themselves) being sold here are from the US

meanwhile the aussie eShop gives me slightly better rates for games purchased from there

honestly for something that's been bought used, the previous owner has taken care of the Switch extremely well. definitely the best $260 i've ever spent.

you all can go suck it, indonesian video game retail stores 👌

RT @vickisigh: mercy, witch in training! (•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑ ✨ t.co/K8KQZ8Ygvj

RT @Foosili: So I fractured my pinky but I pulled a fast one on my x-ray technician t.co/sglv4GsOHc

RT @TimberPuppers: My parents are visiting from out of town!

They didn't know I have a fursuit, so I decided to give them a nice surprise when they came over!

Buncha folks asked me to film this, so I did indeed get my parents' reactions on camera! t.co/kS0hh2yCj1

i really think people still take the indonesian rupiah for granted. it really is the shittiest currency on this planet

RT @SoundotWaves: I’m not obsessed with mystery dungeon what are you talking about. t.co/iNGvmAbMpA

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