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2007e⚔calibur2007 @20excalibur07@mastodon.social

if you're a musician/DJ playing at a convention/music festival/concert and don't play toto - africa at the end of your sets, you're not worthy in my eyes x3

RT @LastWeekTonight: Tonight's Last Week Tonight will be the last Last Week Tonight of this month. Did that make sense?

RT @akidearest: I can’t believe it...I’m...
Mike I’m so sorry...
Iiiiinnnn a video game?! t.co/rUVNDnoBV9

real talk tbh i actually don't mind feminine things and stuffs (to some extent at least), but it's hard to express that side of me here in this place due to family background and social pressure :

RT @desplesda: This is still one of the best hacks anyone ever did to @NightInTheWoods: modifying the game so the band plays “All Star” t.co/tDA1XoZr04

RT @LastWeekTonight: Tonight is our last show of the month, but we’ll be back in a couple of weeks. Tune into HBO at 11 to say goodbye (or good riddance) for now.

RT @billwurtz: new genders about to drop

🌎: stephen hawking passed away
🇲🇨: "stephen hawking said 'amen' and knelt before God" t.co/00DbaPoksL

am not excited for another season of hors tbh

RT @HiccupsDoesArt: It’s a dog! It’s a pony! No!

It’s a raffle prize for @TheAsexualJB! c:

dA Stash version: t.co/CoGdX9TwFT t.co/9S1iJDAGmD

noooooooo they cut the guitar solo short like the radio edit agghh

but damn do they really nail it with Pumped Up Kicks