i really think people still take the indonesian rupiah for granted. it really is the shittiest currency on this planet

RT @SoundotWaves: I’m not obsessed with mystery dungeon what are you talking about. t.co/iNGvmAbMpA

i should also probably mention: the Switch was used. but no more than a year. the seller included the entire box, accessories, etc. all of it is still pretty mint condition.


so... i did it.

i bought a switch, at a decent price of 260 USD

but you all should know that this is what it feels like to pay 260 USD in indonesia. it wasn't easy to come to this at all... but i did it. i hope it's worth it. t.co/Pt2OKesrgX

RT @X6Sire: @20excalibur07 @steam_games Apparently you can use "-nochatui" and "-nofriendsui" in your Steam launch options which will revert most of the new stuff :o

.@steam_games' new friends list is UI is incredibly slow and buggy as hell. i wish they'd stayed with the old friends list because it was more than enough for it to function as what it already is: a friends list.

stop trying to be Discord.

my Mi power bank stopped working today, fantastic way to start off the day

RT @yuzuemu: Lots of AMAZING progress in the past few months - and with it comes a new yuzu Progress Report! Check out all the great work our team has been doing emulating SMO, BotW, Bayonetta, ARMS, Splatoon, and more! t.co/VYIkIZCDiY

RT @NintendoUK: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy is coming to in early 2019!


RT @CourtRecords_: Our first news of the night: Ace Attorney 123HD is coming to Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and Steam!

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