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RT @HiccupsDoesArt: Raffle Prize for @HoneydewSapling ! c:

A very pink pupper

RT @DreamTech_Oz: Normal people thoughts: hey look they are gonna use the defib.

My thoughts: why is nobody doing compressions? Why is that airway not properly opened? Why is that shirt and bra still on?

RT @lantip: biar tambah ramai deh, perkiraan kasar penghasilan dari ads di sana mencapai 4000 dolar/hari. dan sumbangan terbesar trafik dari internetpositif dan mercusuar. begini ndakpapa kominfo? :D

RT @lantip: dear @kemkominfo tiap kali laman diblokir, saya selalu dialihkan ke laman internetpositif. Di laman itu ada google ads, kemanakah uangnya mengalir?

Apakah negara memang berkontribusi memperkaya satu orang dengan memaksa seluruh warga mengakses lamannya?

RT @cyntsh: @kemkominfo blokir aja semua web pak. sampe rakyat indo cuman bisa akses website kemkominfo.

RT @ArtyStarshine: What am I reading lmao
this is really bad xD
(if anyone asks, it's an exam text, I'm Indonesian so this is what we get d:)

two mates found a giant egg for dinner
they turn into scalies
then they fucked

RT @SethEverman: “all star” by smash mouth, but only using the sounds and beats on my synth (and also @TenSecondSongs on some other instruments)

*listening to radio*
*radio transitions to a new song*
"remembering how MTV used to show actual music videos"


RT @TinkerSec: Kali Linux is now an App in the Windows Store.

Have Kali run natively in Windows.

Rated E for Everyone.

RT @billwurtz: anyone can spoil the end of a movie. but can you spoil the beginning

preferred way of naming a song when a guest artist is involved?

a) [Band/Artist] - [Title] ft. [Guest]
b) [Band/Artist] ft. [Guest] - [Title]
c) [Band/Artist] and [Guest] - [Title]

it's a Mi Square Box 2 if you're wondering, heh. packs quite a punch for a small thing. my phone's built-in mic doesn't do it justice. x.x

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