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this has happened to me on more than one occasion and i honestly shouldn't even be surprised anymore.

this country is a fucking joke.

if it were the other way around and it was a chinese person looking for help, absolutely no one will want to.

fucking disgusting

society here is a joke. someone was standing behind the bus station gate, looking for someone they could ask for help to tap in

the bass is in the center channel, and with the other instruments panned almost all the way, you can hear every pluck and i love it

RT @SethEverman: vitas just personally called me “seth everson” i am shaking

RT @billwurtz: u ever just uninstall the uninstaller

RT @LycanDeseBeats: Speaking to @chordcatcher...
Chordie: Lycan, I have a bum note.
Me: What? Like a Note 8 or do you still have a Note 7?
Chordie: No, I have a bum G-string.
Me: ...
*Chordie then strums his out-of-tune guitar*

i will say one thing tho, it managed to run GTA 3. Well, once you overclock it slightly, it will. :p

hard to believe that i used to own this phone and think that it's the greatest thing ever owning my very first android device. (in reality, it isn't x'3)

this is always so great to hear whenever it comes on the radio, and i'm not surprised that it's on Rock Band

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