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of course the latest nvidia notebook driver update has issues. rolling back to an older version...

RT @lav_sunrise: A little something for @SoundotWaves because she drew my horse earlier :3

RT @_ryboflavin_: Fully realized Modern Sonic gameplay that perfectly merges the classic, dreamcast and modern era. Complete with drop dash, smooth turning, boost, momentum and more. This is the future of Sonic, people. Lets get this video rolling! 🔵💨
Full video by Hero:

RT @gitty_kitty2646: Commish for @lav_sunrise for @20excalibur07 ! Thank you for commissioning me! I hope this fits your description of a golden retriever 😅

Also hey this is the first time I've drawn a doggo in a looong time
I need more practice

this is such a good doggo, i love~
thank you both of you 🐶💛

you know that saying that goes like
"be there or be square"?

i just realized why it's like that

it's cuz if you're not there, you're not around.

you're not a ROUND



RT @Over9000coffey: So this is their next phase to make kids furries

yknow after listening to so much 80's/90's music, i kinda miss hearing songs that sound like this

although do note that if your phone has a small battery capacity, it will not have enough juice to power the connected device. a good reference point is the Nexus 5's 2300mAh battery. make sure yours is equal or above that~

phone will also connect to my laptop via bluetooth, and this is how I'll be able to listen to the conversation and play at the same time :D

realizing that my laptop needs to not run anything else while playing OW, i went the nerd route

RT @SethEverman: i love having guests over! it’s like being alone but worse

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