@dansup Hey dansup, I'm going to run a fediverse meetup. One point of the agenda is `How to build your own federated social network`. I'd really like to hear your opinion on that. If you'd get started right now, how would you approach building one? cheers

@cj 20b07c59c133123d8c0b41c5d02182843774279a... exciting! :)

@cj great to see progress on apcore.. it would be great if you could add some tests, so it's easier to understand how to use it

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Hello universe! It's been a while ^_^

I had a life transition, been busy with it, didn't have much time for computer work. But the project is very much alive!

@criztovyl is working on federation in GitLab CE. I'm working on Push activities in Vervis, which will be auto-generated from VCS pushes.

The spec documents are still waiting for me to give them lots of love, but here they are. The vocabulary spec is the interesting part right now.


Thx 4 all the ❤

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Finally, the fediverse icon mosaic is finished - and I love the result :blobheartcat:

#art #mastoart #fediverse #inkscape

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Whaaat, since when did go-fed/activity have so many stars on GitHub? It's about double since last I checked.

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Weekly #ForgeFed update! 💪

Vervis is ready for the federated-ticket-creation demo! I'm giving it a few more days of feedback and polishing rounds, and then I'll announce it.

I'm working on some spec draft updates, both meta (such as HTML rendering) and content (listing all the types, properties and behaviors developed so far).

The other projects are in progress too.

Btw, interesting distributed collab projects:

- Radicle: radicle.xyz/
- git-ssb: git.scuttlebot.io/%25n92DiQh7i


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Hey @cj, have you thought about adding a little example service to go-fed/activity? I think it would help to understand how to compose all the bits and it would be great for development in an isolated environment, where instances aren't publicly routable, as one could spin up a couple of these example services to interact with one's implementation.

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Quick Poll:

1. Would you not attend, attend, or participate in an entirely digital #ActivityPub conference, such as video calls and Livestream?

2. Would you not attend, attend, or participate in person at a physical #ActivityPub conference, with discussions and presentations?

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Hello, World!

This is the first blog post about Marmota, a distributed and Free Software alternative to Spotify (and by extension the majority of the music streaming services)


Boosts and feedback appreciated!

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I have a massive blog post that will drop tomorrow or the day after that presents my philosophy of #ActivityPub, why I think some criticisms stem from a fundamental philosophical difference, analyzing some of these criticisms to find the real gems, and proposing a fantasy where communities can evolve ActivityPub with no barrier to entry with a concrete path towards achieving this idealistic goal.

It started at 8 pages long, I'm trying to trim it down now. lol

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