@256 OMG. There was an Internet Explorer for Mac? I knew about MS Office being available for Mac. But IE 🤮

@smeyersdev @256 yes it did. different web engine than its windows counterpart tho somehow.

@smeyersdev @256 Apparently, Microsoft signed a deal with Apple to make it the default browser from 1998 to 2003. This was the last version of the OS to have it as default, as Safari would replace it next version.

@smeyersdev @256 There was an IE for mac, but it was taken with a grain of salt. not everything that worked on windows IE worked on Mac IE

@256 And just in time for Big Sur! How much Mac OS X has changed between then and now... (Aqua was truly one of the best GUI styles ever conceived, IMO.)

@256 I think it looks good even today. If it was FOSS I'd probably use it.

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