@256 Windows 2000 was so good. As a teenager who lived through dos->3.1->95->98, I was amazed at the stability and speed of w2k. Great memories.

@cfenollosa @256 And the icon was also used for Windows Millenium Edition.....

Which was a Windows 98 pretending to look like 2000. But less performant, stable, ....

@smeyersdev @256 I remember it perfectly. Among my group of friends, all of us tried ME but only one was able to use it. The rest of us just got BSOD after BSOD. I think the drivers for ME were very crappy. But the friend who used it was happy and said it didn’t crash for him 🤷🏽‍♂️

That was the main reason I stuck with w2k. It was a fantastic internet desktop. Fast, reliable, and secure.

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