@256 Does it have a Turbo button? I loved when they had a Turbo button.

@gasquatch Looks like it does. It has an on/off button, and then 2 more buttons. One would be the reset button, the other is more than likely the turbo button. I bet it's activated as well the second led is visible, 33->66.

@trinsec @256 In my experience it was more like the 'Leave on all the time except when an old game runs too fast' button.

@gasquatch I'm pretty sure that this was exactly what it was actually used for in 90% of the cases. 😂

@256 J'ai un 486 de 93 avec Windows 3.1 et SimCity 2000. Bientôt 30 ans et ça tourne encore ! ^^

@256 troppi ricordi rispolverati tutti insieme fanno male al cuore

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