@256 Oh the memories. I had a #Debian #KDE desktop that looked similar back in the day.

@256 Ah yes. This was one of my first distros. I really liked KDE 3.x. I started hating it from v4 onwards though.

@256 Made my jump to Linux with that. It would have been 6.06, but i think my hardware was in need of a never kernel and only 7.04 was able to boot (and easy enough to install for me a noob)

@256 those gradients... they must've been glad to finally have Xrender and not.be constrained by X11 core drawing API

@norm @256
In this day and age, it makes sense.
2D accel is disappearing, everyone has at least an iGPU with some OpenGL capabilities, and direct rendering is the only way* you can draw in Wayland.

*you can also render clientside and send whole frames over shm but I wouldn't call that "drawing with Wayland"

@wolf480pl @256 the only disadvantage is that the sofware rendering fallback (llvmpipe) can be quite slow especially on a small VM with QXL graphics. Hopefully the KVM folks can get virgl polished up since it's a bit of a mess to set up currently.
@wolf480pl @256 sidenote: I do kinda wish llvmpipe scaled up to more cores so we could software render games on a threadripper for luls
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