@256 this is one of the few MacOS features that just needs to die now.

@256 GNOME ressembles so much to this interface. Look at the dropdown menus. Haha, GTK clearly was inspired by Apple. And GNOME went after that, too.

@256 IMO, I always thought having widgets on its own screen was a cleaner idea than the typical implementation of "widgets with icons".

@256 I miss Tiger's Aqua. Everything after that and Platinum was a downgrade.

@polychrome @256 Same. 2001-2004 was the time I most wanted a Mac and it was mostly due to the looks, both on and around the screen. I would have been such a happy "Lamp" iMac G4 user, if I could have afforded one ... at least until Apple would have fucked me over by making it completely obsolete within record time.

@256 These were little webkit thingamabobs. Just HTML+CSS+JS. And probably the main reason Apple originally promoted web apps as the solution for mobile app development.

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