@256 Dude its slackware, that installation hasn’t changed from the first release, and I’d wager its basically identical today (although its been a while since I looked).

@shebang @256 It's still like that. There is no reason to change it. TUI is more than good enough for an installer, ensures better compatibility and has less unnecessary points of failure versus starting an X server or Wayland or whatever else.

If someone is intimidated by it, Slackware was not for them in the first place (not saying that I don't want people to learn Slackware, but if your blocker is that the installer is not pretty enough, there's some other issues you need to resolve elsewhere before touching Slackware again).

@256 this is practically identical to the current Slackware installer 🤘

@256 I knew a previous version, back in 1996, but it was like this one.

@256 Truly "never obsolete". Slackware's installer is still like this and still one of the best.

@256 I think I downloaded this one over using Kermit to some 3.5" floppy disks.

@Gritnot @256 Same here. I got the Slackware 3.6 CDs by mail.
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