@256 my brain is trying to interpret this image as a shitpost but the fact it appears to actually be a genuine opinion piece from the era is causing a short-circuit

@256 😂 they were probably wrong about almost everything.

@256 well the eeeeeeeeepc died & I think BSG faded away

@256 extremely entertained that the only things on this that i think might have been over-hyped were in fact spore and battlestar galactica

@256 How did they get so many of these wrong?

@256 Nr 7 seems to be the only thing that has aged well. Too many windows devs are still averse to building for anything other than an architecture that has been effectively abandoned 14 years ago

@jordyn i love how 7/10 of these turned out to be massively important lol. They got 30% on their test, see me after class, etc.

@256 they were right about Spore and EEE PC at least

@256 Shades of the response to the iPod. “No wireless. Less space than a nomad. Lame.”

@256 "downloading movies from the internet is overrated" said the "definitely not a cop" guy

@256 when your prediction is so bad that your negation is a really good classifier

@256 The only thing they got right was Spore. It was a highly overrated game, & while enjoyable, I only wanted to play the space exploration portion of it. Sadly, that was probably the least well made part of it in my view. Wasn't half as enjoyable as I expected it to be. 😢

Um.... how are they listing 64 bit computing? Going over 4GB ram is a big deal

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