@256 I mean, can it run a web browser, stream video, and maybe an emulator? That’s about as much as it needs to not be obsolete for a lot of people.

@Byte @256 like, I think it should be able to, I'm blaming this one on the web browsers and the bloaty, designed-by-committee html standard

@256 @brocolie by this standard, any machine that can run modern enough versions of Firefox with an adblocker (to reduce bloat from those ads) and has working hardware accelerated video is not obsolete. So relatively low bar.

Probably a well designed web video player with no ads or ads blocked, is a good metric.

@Byte @256 it can't run a modern web browser newer than Firefox 48 (2016) or Firefox 45.9 ESR (2017) as it doesn't have SSE2

it does not have the CPU resources needed to stream modern video formats, and I don't believe it has any accelerated video decode (and with that performance, it'd struggle to even play a DVD using CPU decoding)

but some old emulators, sure, it can do that
@Byte @256 also, something to consider for whether something's obsolete: power draw

I'll throw out 50 watts as a pretty reasonable number for what that thing would typically draw, and I'm probably lowballing a touch

and, a Raspberry Pi 1 will probably be faster for those workloads, a Raspberry Pi 2 *will* be faster, while consuming significantly less power - let's say 5 watts on average for the Pi 2 (not peak) and I'm estimating high on purpose

at the 14.5 cents per kWh I pay for electricity (paying about 2 cents extra to get renewable electricity), at 8 hours per day, that's like $19 of electricity a year, so basically in 2 years, I'd be ahead replacing a 500 MHz Celeron with a new Pi 2, which is a much faster device in every way, and be able to actually do modern things (slowly)

@bhtooefr @256 good point. Newer devices do more for less power.

@256 I still have mine. It belonged to my aunt and when she finally upgraded to a better machine she gave it to me. I fixed it up and used it as a personal server for over a decade.

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