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Our 65th debate clearly was a five star debate with five star hosts debating the motion "rating everything is toxic!"

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Canada legalized Marijuana and we just debated if that was a mistake or not:

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Who says that democracy is necessarily better than a dictatorship? Well, Sebastian does, but only because the coin flip said so...

Strike! Let's on our if we should limit in cases where the strikes impact public life... Yes/No/Maybe/Sometimes?

Freedom of speech - does it need limits or should everyone be free to say whatever sHe wants?

Happy New Year!
The first debate of the year is about smart speakers, criminal cases and privacy. Give it a listen at

Are we getting closer to the nightmare Orwell described in his novel 1984?

Are Ivy League schools overrated? Sebastian says they are!

What if Trump posted porn, would Twitter ban him then? Should they? Listen to our 33rd debate from 12/21/2017 and let us know what you think:

The final debate of 2018 is about privacy and disappearing content... Listen here:

The last debate of the year will drop in your Podcatcher today... Still doing some final editing.

We're getting ready for the end of the year... one more debate will hit the stream before we're off on vacation.

Should everyone be able to move freely between countries? (15.12.2016)

Are fake news actually fake news and should we stop fussing about it? Listen to the debate we had Dec 16, 2017

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