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Just completed an ~1.5 hour long doomscroll beginning with Cum Town snippets on YouTube. Then a story about a pianist in New York City who was beat by 8 people so bad that he can't play piano anymore. Then I watched all the Brooklyn shooting and property crime highlights on CNBC's channel.

I actually like those tooters who post their mood change every 10 minutes.

No substantive toots, no narrative, no overarching themes, just pure emotional stream of conscience.

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Michelle Obama and Chief Keef grew up in the same apartment complex. youtu.be/9lAeJPlMBDc

I have reached the point in my education where my awareness of the possibilities is accelerating faster than my ability to understand them. Now the more I study the less I feel that I know. I suspect that one day near the end of my life someone will ask me my thoughts on the subject and I'll only be able to say, "what's that?"


I detoxed so hard I forgot I like music.

Feel like I've lately been spinning in useless circles, especially at work. I'm tearing my hair out over solved problems because I'm being forced to do them backwards. I'm a programmer, but for what? Products that no one wants to buy made for customers that no one wants to work for. The status quo means locking up my abilities for a dead end.

The right thing to do is see them freed. And contribute to my current firm's creative destruction.

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Trying to get back to using computers to make the impossible reality

"No bird soars in a calm," Wilbur Wright

The Internet troll is the modern day Socratic gadfly. Remember that next time you roll your eyes dismissively!

"If you kill a man like me, you will injure yourselves more than you will injure me."

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the people who think "skill" is editing code without a mouse are likely the same folks who never test their websites using only a keyboard. makes you think. 🤔

Watching Megan Thee Stallion shake her butt on national TV with my dear father and sister

What makes a generally interesting Mastodon account? How should you toot to get more followers?

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This comic from 2018 was truly prophetic

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