Being in heat fucks with cats. If i treated Leah like this usually she’d run off, but in heat she puts up with all kinds of bullshit. No cats were harmed in this production

So it’s Boris Johnson or Jeremy Hunt to be the next British prime minister is it? Just kill me now

Trying to get tickets for the uefa supper cup between Liverpool and Chelsea, there’s only so many so first come first served and when I apply I just get this fucking error. Just kill me now

As if things couldn’t get any worse in Britain it looks like this cunt might be our next prime minister. Pray for us.

I’ve been wanting to move to the seaside for some time now and I found a beautiful little cottage out in the countryside and half hour from the beach. I sent in the application form two weeks ago but haven’t heard anything back. Is this normal, I’ve never privately rented before, or does it seem like a long time?

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