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what a year! thank you so much for your support. in 2021 we built and shipped 100s of open hardware laptops, a first batch of keyboards, more zz9000s and developed new products. we will take a little break and then make sure everyone who is still waiting will get their MNT gear.

My classic game collection. I miss the big boxes with a manual and some bonus stuff.

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I am quite happy with this setup. I just need to get a C128 down here and I'll be good....

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Exploring the Healing Power of Cold Plasma

It probably won't come as much surprise to find that a blast of hot plasma can be used to sterilize a surface. Unfortunately, said surface is likely going to look a bit worse for wear afterwards, which limits the usefulness of this particular technique. But as it turns out, it's possible to generate a so-called "cold" plasma that offers the same cleansing properties in a much friendlier form.

While it might sound like science fiction, prolific experimenter [Jay Bowles] was able to create a reliable source of nonthermal plasma for his latest Plasma Channel video with surprisingly little in the way of equipment. Assuming you've already got a device capable of pumping out high-voltage, all you really need to recreate this phenomenon is a tank of helium and some tubing.

Cold plasma stopped bacterial growth in the circled area.

[Jay] takes viewers through a few of the different approaches he tried before finally settling on the winning combination of a glass pipette with a copper wire run down the center. When connected to a party store helium tank and the compact Slayer Exciter coil he built last year, the setup produced a focused jet of plasma that was cool enough to touch.

It's beautiful to look at, but is a pretty light show all you get for your helium? To see if his device was capable of sterilizing surfaces, he inoculated a set of growth plates with bacteria collected from his hands and exposed them to the cold plasma stream. Compared to the untreated control group the reduction in bacterial growth certainly looks compelling, although the narrow jet does have a very localized effect.

If you're just looking to keep your hands clean, some soap and warm water are probably a safer bet. But this technology does appear to have some fascinating medical applications, and as [Jay] points out, the European Space Agency has been researching the concept for some time now. Who knows? In the not so distant future, you may see a similar looking gadget at your doctor's office. It certainly wouldn't be the first time space-tested tech came down to us Earthlings.

#medicalhacks #science #electrode #helium #highvoltage #plasma #plasmachannel

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heise+ | Nützliche Daten über Bahn-APIs abrufen: Parkplätze, Aufzüge, Mietwagen und Co.

Die Deutsche Bahn bietet auf ihrem Open-Data-Portal eine Unmenge nützlicher Daten an. Diese lassen sich kostenlos für eigene Apps und Websites verwenden.
Nützliche Daten über Bahn-APIs abrufen: Parkplätze, Aufzüge, Mietwagen und Co.

next week. you will be mine.
Amiga 500 + Vampire in a A3000D-style housing.
It's Max CPU-Performance by fpga 68080 power, hdmi-graphics ... living the dream.

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Das muss dringend aufgearbeitet werden. Das kann nicht nur an den krasseren ersten Wellen liegen in den anderen Ländern wie zum Beispiel Portugal. Kommunizieren wir da falsch? Fehlen den Leuten Informationen? Ist das Impfmanagement bei uns schief gelaufen?

The model consists of 2 parts. 20cm total height, 20 hrs of printing time.

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