I think i'm six hours away from getting lobste.rs to support activitypub. I have all of the guts in place I need, just dealing with the event handling logic.

I'm starting to get annoyed at the amount of unspecified behavior floating around in some of the w3 specs.

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brb writing an RPG framework where you just type your class into conceptnet.io/ and get to do whatever appears there.

Found it Rails.application.routes.recognize_path

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I've hit a roadblock where I need an internal feature of rails as public api to move forward...

Any good hosted blogging platforms beside wordpress and svbtle?

One step closer to getting actvitypub into lobste.rs, outboxes now work.

Is anyone aware of a list of web frameworks which push alternative paradigms? Looking for more stuff like Lift or Seaside

So father's day project successful. I've managed to replace my fathers magnetic hard disk with a new ssd.

Conferences really need to tell you when they reject your talk.

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Ok IrcCloud is starting to upset me. Its been three weeks of super slow connections and issues.

I'm really tempted to do a Google Hangouts Chat style fediverse client.

ArgumentError (Expecting Integer or Symbol value for weekday. No such weekday: :tuseday)

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