Oh damn! And that's not counting all the fringe case stuff like Spinda's spot patterns. I keep remembering more stuff ha ha

AND each of there unique rigs had to work with a level of procedural movement when you were playing with them too!! That's incredible! Has any other piece of media ever manege character work of that scale? Has anything even come close??... Damn. It was a landmark in game creation

Suddenly realising what an utterly unprecedented, herculean task Pokemon Sun and Moon were. They had 800+ characters in that game. Unique models, textures, rigs and animations for each. Holy crap, you could interact with all of them!

Eclipsa from has become one of my favorite ever characters. This is almost certainly me projecting but she seems like someone with functional depression. Broken, flawed and long past pretending she's not

God damn it. Now I need to work out how low-poly asses work. Character modelling is confusing

Nature spirit idea for the game we're working on. imagine it glowing

Side benefit to being a 3D artist. Instinctual ability to wrap presents thanks to UV mapping

From a game me and friends are working on. Those are trees in front of them so he's a big ghost boy

Haven't got Let's Go yet but I've got all my team all picked out

Has anyone else used the Amplify Shader Editor for Unity? I'm making a shader that uses a texture based on light direction (a little gradient image in this case) but it always seems to tile the texture twice. I can't work out how to change it. does anyone know?

Drew my Boyfriends new D&D character. The amount of junk that should be in the trunk was a hotly contested topic during it's creation

folks on here seemed to like the last eeveelution so here's an older on I did. Cemerion, a dragon type

Almost done with my toon shader. it can be set to flat colours or textures. just need to find a way to smooth out the shadows a bit.

Star knight brush pen ran out half way so it's probably gonna be ball point inktober for a bit

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