God damn it. Now I need to work out how low-poly asses work. Character modelling is confusing

Nature spirit idea for the game we're working on. imagine it glowing

Side benefit to being a 3D artist. Instinctual ability to wrap presents thanks to UV mapping

From a game me and friends are working on. Those are trees in front of them so he's a big ghost boy

Haven't got Let's Go yet but I've got all my team all picked out

Has anyone else used the Amplify Shader Editor for Unity? I'm making a shader that uses a texture based on light direction (a little gradient image in this case) but it always seems to tile the texture twice. I can't work out how to change it. does anyone know?

Drew my Boyfriends new D&D character. The amount of junk that should be in the trunk was a hotly contested topic during it's creation

folks on here seemed to like the last eeveelution so here's an older on I did. Cemerion, a dragon type

Almost done with my toon shader. it can be set to flat colours or textures. just need to find a way to smooth out the shadows a bit.

Star knight brush pen ran out half way so it's probably gonna be ball point inktober for a bit

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