These have been an absolute BLAST so far. Read the tiers, highest one you get 3 full sets of stems of Hail @thesilence songs from ‡. We’re talking Linn LM1, Prophet 5 and stacks of Lexicons. Real life.

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In case you missed it. Wanna join me and @3T @thesilence for a coffee and a chat? Wanna come hang backstage? Loads of great stuff in here including STEMS!!

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Love this one! THANK YOU @DailyListening for actively listening to our album, it’s exactly what we want you ALL to do! Stop everything, forget the world for 90 minutes, and get lost in some epic, heartfelt, nostalgic, great music. Great review Tina

And now in @ForbesMagazine ! Wow! Release day for Hail @thesilence is already amazing!! Check this out here : GREAT piece Brian Leak! Thank you guys so much

This is awesome. Thank you @bigshotmagazine !! Have you guys seen this video? Little bit about the blood, sweat and tears that went into making Hail

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Love this remix of DCFC that @3T made. Great work! 👍 „Northern Lights (3T Remix)“

Album pre-sale is up! We are so excited to share this album with you and can’t wait to tour. Next summer!

So happy my track The Noetic with @mattfaxmusic is finally out! Check it out

This really changed that for me pretty radically. She is humble and likable, gifted and measured. Her acting performance is as wonderful as her singing (really saying something) and Bradley Cooper is incredible. This is an absolute must see film. Absolutely loved every second.

I’m a huge Bradley Cooper fan. Loved most all of his films. Never though twice about Gaga honestly. She’s obviously incredibly talented singer but the songs and image have always seemed like a modern approximation of the 80-90’s Madonna shock and awe. Just kinda not “my tribe”.

It’s a great reminder that audiences still crave an authentic musical experience, commentary to the human condition and can live without Oreos and 2 minute songs (couldn’t resist). It’s absolutely fantastic.

Okay so got that out of the way. So thread hijack and great news. We watched A Star is Born last night and literally wept for 2 and a half hours. This movie is wonderful. Spoiler, it’s going to win everything.

Why not do this with music? I’ll let you come to your own ideas about this. Of course music is one of the most profound cross cultural catalyst for communicating the human condition and experience. Call me a luddite and an optimist.

Oreos are a great example I’ve previously mentioned. They’re designed to be addictive like drugs. The fat/salt/sugar balance perfectly stimulates the pleasure center of the brain. Many fast foods are the same and worse.

We are in the process of “optimizing” (boy it’s hard to write that even in quotes) music like we are “optimizing food.

You oversimplify to the point of kindergarten. Start a song on the down beat of a chorus! Of course!! Everyone is going to fast forward anyway. Outro? No way! People are going to jump to the next track on their playlist. Make it 2 minutes long!

I’m not being chased by any dinosaurs (don’t know about you guys) so I prefer my pre-frontal cortex not my reptile brain but I digress. This is the world we’ve made. Overstimulated, saturated w/choice, lightening fast turnover rate so how do you get media through in that system?

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