thank god i have an account where i am not irony poisoned

Smart people don't plan big moves out loud, so don't mistake silence for weakness.

Thinking that Luigi alone will be spared my wrath since he came clean about the issue, but the rest of the world is on thin F**ing ice

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this instance had betrayed me in the past. silencing my voice simply because i spoke the truth 24/7. but now i have decided to come back with open arms. forgiveness. that's what's up.

??? my brother's landlord is only renting him his room on weekdays??? he gets kicked out and has to go back to our mum's every weekend?????

wow, the news feed here is more interesting than MSNBC

@3_3van oh wow, the closest Olive Garden to me is in Flagstaff so I dont get to partake too frequently! I'm jealous

by wiping the inactive accounts i have basically reduced my "following" list from 400 to 40

@3_3van oh nice, i like apps

they have a lot of those at the Chilis I go to on Saturdays. I love real authentic Mexican food

@3_3van hello 2 social, how did you get your picture to move thats really cool!

sorry for barging in on your conversation

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