When somebody unironically uses the term SJW, you always know you're in for an entertaining and informative Konversation.

@EdMuskie @3_3van anyone who uses sjw in earnest is either an honest to god nazi or a pre-radicalized fortnite pigman who is on his way to becoming one

@3_3van @EdMuskie straight off the toppa the dome buddy... i got toots for dayz

@3_3van I fail to understand why Nazis even come here when they have gab or whatever. They just get mercilessly dunked on for the five minutes it takes for them to get banned. Nice ligma btw

@3_3van i love when a dude says “those people even call ME a nazi” like it makes him look good and them look bad

@3_3van I'm seeing lots of conversation about this, but for some reason I can't see a picture. it's just a pale grey square. can anyone show another pic of it, plz?

@3_3van skinhead lookin' ass talkin about SJWs, always a good sign

@3_3van man with "Juden" in his screen name: according to SJWs, I'm a Nazi

@3_3van if someone kept telling you they weren't a nazi and had "McJewishFriend" in their display name, wouldn't you think they were an obvious troll?

Guess what "Judenfreund" translates to.

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