this place has the energy of a school bus on the way to a field trip in the best possible way

@3_3van Must be nice to have good memories of school trips

@3_3van just the absolute mad horniness of the most blessed of all field trips, Waterpark Day

@lastcartridge @3_3van we went once in like eight grade or some shit. not sure how they sold the educational value of that one

@3_3van It is the White Lodge to the birdsite’s Black Lodge; the Giant to the birdsite’s BOB; the Evolution of the Medium; essentially, Non-Existent. Yet, Existent. What year is this?

@3_3van sometimes that's true to the point of a bus full of elderlies.😅

@3_3van "Please let this be a normal field trip..."

"With the Friz? No way!"
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