@aral Ukraine has been trying to warn the world of Russian propaganda machine since 2014, around the time it started to go full throttle, covering murderous Putin régime during the annexation of Crimea and a war in Donbas.

@aral The problem is that their action are extremely coordinated. Everyone, both in Ukraine and Russia, has more or less reliable evidence that the offices where people write sadistic, depressing lies actually physically exist. The main problem, though, it's very hard to prove.


@aral Sadly, this kind of evidence so not confirm journalist standard, and westerners seems to dissmiss it as "unproven" or propaganda, benefitting Ukraine. It might be, but it also might be the the truth. Of course truth will benefit people who are bullied and bad-mouthed!

@aral I follow you for a long time, I know your focus is on inhumane technologies. Unfortunately for both of us, this war in Ukraine, is not about technologies, it's about funded insidious actors, who will take any chance to abuse any platform there is. What makes it harder, is that they exist in extremely harsh authoritarian lawless physical reality. Every oppriment or a journalist that is dare to speak up, is facing either a jail time or is outright killed (see Boris Nemtsov).

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