Hey folks, if you’re still on birdsite, please help me boost this tweet:


Let’s get some more folks on Mastodon and the fediverse while also raising awareness about surveillance capitalism.

Thanks in advance :)


@aral just two days ago I was surprised by the numbers of the accounts:

FSF @ Twitter: 30.100
FSF @ Mastodon: 820

Less then 3% ? And I asked myself why do all these friends seem to prefer over ?

Now I realised that FSF @ status has at least 4984 followers. Makes around 16.5% of their Twitter Followers. However, still not convincing and imho a story for reflection.


@3rik @aral @fsf


Where do FSF post most often?
Where do FSF engage with their followers?
Which accounts are featured most prominently on their website and other branding material?

The ratio might not be due to any twitter/mastodon difference.

@zatnosk @aral @fsf @lightone yes, I see. Their status instance is synced with their twitter account. The Mastodon account however is not in sync and features less posts. Why ever that might be the case?

(btw: manowar.social <3)

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