Is it just me who is wondering how the can use URL shortener + tracking for links that they label with ?

And isn't it absurd when you recommend users to "Try private web searching with " but then you lead them to directly into the store?

@fdroidorg @torproject

@3rik @fdroidorg @torproject

I just noticed yesterday that on top of that, Orbot's description inside F-Droid is horribly outdated. It must be several years old and contains many mistakes.

And the list of shitty recommendations is even longer - it says you can use Tor to access Facebook when your school has blocked it, or that you can use it to watch sports at your workplace. Ofc this is technically correct, but still... 🤯

@resist__berlin @3rik @torproject the place to report both those issues would be or their matrix room

@3rik @fdroidorg @torproject besides that, the case for DDG is somewhat arguable as well (Eventhough I have not found another *good* search engine that offers onion services, yet). SearX comes to mind...

@JayVii_de @fdroidorg @torproject interesting. what exactly is arguable with DDG? you have some link or more infomation?

@3rik @JayVii_de @fdroidorg @torproject DDG is based in the US and under US law, front-end is hosted on Amazon Servers, the usage of bangs may suggest to non-technical users that their search is still private, but it is not. To be fair, not all of these statements are strong arguments, and those sources and kinda "meh", that's why this is still debatable... IIRC metager / Suma e.V. had some concerns too (though they are a competitor)


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