Although nothing new, it is ever again shocking how the system fails to respect user's of technology and . A recent study by IMDEA networks and University Carlos III of Madrid across 1700 devices show how preinstalled apps have privileged permissions but no "normal" possibility for deinstallation and the majority of them being connected with online systems for purposes:
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@3rik @espablo93 does android come with preinstalled applications that call home? Or is it those distributions patched by the particular OEM or phone brand? Lineageos comes very bare. /e/ comes curated.

Studies have bias and ulterior incentives. Like those new studies that discount the statistics of man's effect on the environment because of cloud cover and millennial cycles.

I use to see the connections; there are tools that dig deeper.

@3rik @espablo93 to be fair, that bloatware is more of the vendor's fault than android's.

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