Mastodon 3.0 comes with feature and the option for admins to publish their :

This sounds like great steps towards collectively establishing safe and transparent community standards, empowerment of users and a web of trust: "We want you to not just see who was blocked, but why. "

Happy to be here on !

@3rik I agree. I think regardless on where you fall on the spectrum between complete freedom of speech and regulation of a community, transparency is key.

@solanaceae Exactly. Transparency and the freedom of to accept it, to do it likewise or to oppose and set-up your own instance. This gives communities the chance for good self-governance instead of having to accept obscure decisions and algorithms imposed by central authorities.


other thing. I'm a fan of "move-commons". "Move Commons is a simple and effective tool for initiatives/collectives to declare the core principles they are committed to."

I'm very sad that is not maintained anymore.

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