One of the things I will probably never understand: How can a summit "for " ask their participants for input and then use proprietary for it? So sad.


i think because they don't know there exists a good alternative.

I have had good experiences with explaining things to people.

@3rik open tech summit organizer here. Often there's no time or resources to install / setup / operate a self hosted open source solution. It's a painful trade off for me personally.

@mishari @3rik there are publically hosted alternatives though, like and others, which are equally powerful, from what I have seen so far

@JayVii_de @mishari thanks for mentioning framaforms, I was not aware of.

At the @fsfe we self-host but you can also get it as a service. Sure there are more solutions.

My feeling is that many organizations are to stingy with giving some coins to a Free Software solution when they can get the Google solution for zero Euro. And the convenience to use their gmail adress "for everything"... However, they pay with our data and freedom.

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