I really love the 's idea to call the release of proprietary software under a free license after the end of its support to " "

this gives a very meaningful connotation to an otherwise rather technical / legal issue and helps to make it understandable for non-experts. Also it is short and handy & works pefect for slogans. Great job! I will re-use it from now in further debates and argumentations.

And btw, sign the petition to :

@3rik This is a nice thought, but what about copyright and software patents? This alone prevents Microsoft from publishing the code. And identifying individual parts of that code that could be published will probably be too expensive.

@macst3r well, copyright issues are solved in the moment you release something under a free license.

MS could still keep trademarks for Windows7 to make clear any other improvement is a fork and needs another name, brand, etc.

Finally software patents are indeed a problem, but as MS joined the Open Invention Network to cross-license patents between member companies covering all Linux System technologies, releasing old technologies could follow as 1 logical step.


@3rik Okay, I implicitly just assumed that there would be a lot of code from third parties for which MS does not own the copyright.

If Win7 were to be released open source, damn, I'd most likely go back :D

@3rik microsoft should also do this with the old edge browser

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