on are really that bad: They take months to never to be rolled out and manufacturers stop supporting them after one year anyway.

This is one of the core problems of : good performing hardware cannot be used only because software / manufacturers do not support them anymore.

a) use e.g. Custom Rom and
b) help to include smartphones in the European ecodesign guidelines by signing this petition:

@3rik True. What I still think is totally missing these days, however, is a solid software "aftermarket" for used phones. At the moment, public perception of smartphones and tablets apparently is not that of a general-purpose computing device but rather that of some kind of appliance where hardware and software is closely coupled and virtually can't be separated. And, honestly, for a plethora of devices, it unfortunately works just like this, where replacing stock ROM is either impossible ...

@3rik ... at least to less technically skilled people or causes the device to lose a lot of its designated features. Even though I don't like it, I have experienced how much of its practical use an Android phone can lose to an end-user if you strip it of all the Google services and install some custom ROM. That's something we need to fix, and it's more than just the software installed on these devices. 😟

@z428 @simon yes, that is true. many things come together and installing custom rom is unfortunately far from being easy. even "official" aftermarkets have too many legal and technical issues.

but "the market" will not fix it by itself. that is why we need pressure from customers and from politics.

@3rik Mostly agree - but I sometimes am afraid that "for-free" corporations like Google or Facebook, together with a FLOSS community that (for most people) also boils down to "gratis" software, dealt quite a difficult strike to an "aftermarket", an independent software market that also has the power to push for legal actions. Right now, in example talking about smartphones, there aren't real alternatives asides iOS (proprietary) and Android ("Open Source")... 😐


The point is that we also really don't own the smartphones anymore. We can't root a lot of the devices. Don't know whether this is really the idea of GPL'ed code.

Also one can't change the battery easily. The excuse waterproof is often a not valid one as lot of devices aren't waterproof

@z428 @simon

I trust official lineage builds but custom ROMs downloaded from an XDA forum post is shady as heck. Also there are a lot of gaps in coverage for even popular phones, and patchy hardware support (camera does not work,etc). Would love to see improvement in postmarket OS provision and ease of install. My kids use my old Moto G phones for audiobook listening, thanks to lineage. I'd like to replace my Xiaomi stock OS due to privacy concerns but I also want the hardware to be 💯 supported

I agree, and using 2yrs old chart is bad... for credibility (even if the overall picture didn't change much). For some people it's a thing to believe or not. Some are rich and/or ignorant to support this cause (Disclosure: I did sign the petition myself). I'll see if I can invest time to make the chart more correct and give less opportunity to put it away as incorrect/untrue.

@ziegel @guenther @3rik And I'm not so sure this sentence from the first post is correct anymore in 2020: "They take months to never to be rolled out and manufacturers stop supporting them after one year anyway. "

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