Are you tired of a centralised Internet where even the and video recordings and are hosted and brought to you by Youtube aka Google?

Then join me in supporting and help to develop and integrate live streaming:

We are getting close to reach the target. You can make all the difference!


I really like this year's keynote of the by @darius "Let’s Play and Win Our Own Game"

In particular the point he is making that we need to "Provide more infrastructure, not just software": Users need good aka . Both are the implementation of the we aim for, enabled by the developers and their software.

Mein heute morgen ... nicht einmal am Fahrradbügel ist man sicher vor den Autos dieser Stadt /°\

Since the topic will still be around for a while for many of us, there is a nice list in the @fsfe wiki about the benefits of using for remote working:

Never be locked in again!

Hilflosigkeit macht sich breit wenn die " zur IT-Ausstattung an " in einerseits schreiben, dass " das am häufigsten eingesetzte Betriebssystem" ist - andererseits drei Seiten lang alle dafür notwendigen Einstellungen ausführen: (S.41 ff)

Und das abstruseste: "Leider ist dies nicht nur zum Installationszeitpunkt notwendig, sondern aufgrund der von auch regelmäßig im Betrieb erforderlich."

I just saw that Google changed their image search tool: Until recently you could choose pictures "labeled for reuse" or "labeled for reuse with modification" etc.

Now you can only choose between "Creative Common Licenses" and "Commercial & other licenses"

This is misleading: You can and should use Creative Commons licensed content for commercial use (except the NC-licenses of course).

Too bad, Google emphasises a wrong understanding of free licenses.

Combining the term "rights" with "intellectual property" conveys the false idea that they are natural and intrinsic to our activity as human beings. This is far from truth. The effect of law, and other related areas is to actually create temporary monopolies that exercise private power over other people.

In contrast, shows how models based on knowledge sharing are fundamental for a more innovative, fair, and socially just society. @fsfe

Gerade die " der studentischen Initiative @gnuHU_linux für mittels freier, föderaler Sozialer Netzwerke" gelesen.

Diese beschreibt imho zwar mehr eine Befreiungsmöglichkeit statt einer Lösung aus dem Dilemma unfreier Netzwerke, finde aber insbesondere die Ausführungen zu "Was ist daran nachhaltig?" sehr lesenswert:

Im anhang noch die Quintessenz der Strategie.

Wenn Mensch aktuell auf nach in schaut
sieht er oft einen Hinweis, dass wegen der aktuell ein geringerer Betrag fällig wird. Das sind zum Beispiel 262,83€ statt 591€ bzw 6,46€ pro qm statt 14,50€!

Kann da nicht eine*r von euch mal einen scraper bauen der die Werte sammelt,
dividiert und wöchentlich ausrechnet wie viel Mehrwert auf Seiten der Mietenden durch das
Gesetz erzeugt wird? Das wäre doch spannend.

wow, look at the rich details of in comparison to :
while Gmaps looks like a work with MS paint, OpenStreetMap shows you a full construction plan incl.lifts, ticket vending maching, public telephone, recycling container, rubbish bin and also so many many more shops in the building:

(Train station in Bern, CH)

Ein Großteil unserer Geräte endet als Elektroschrott obwohl sie noch gut funktionieren. Darum startet die Stadt das Pilotprojekt „Digitale Teilhabe und Kompetenz durch

"Ein Freies Betriebssystem (zb ) bietet die Möglichkeit bis zu 20 Jahre alte Mediengeräte im Alltag oder bei der Arbeit einzusetzen. Mediengeräte mit zu nutzen ist ein einfacher Einstieg für alle, die auch digital am gesellschaftlichen Wandel arbeiten."

The German city of Bühl created "Palim! Palim!" as a platform on top of . The feedback they received is encouraging:

"Many citizens express their personal thanks to us and we have stopped counting how many municipalities have approached us with great interest. I believe that Free Software is currently experiencing an incredible boost and that the sensitivity for data sovereignty is growing rapidly."


¡Nice! In my workshops I promote as a brilliant app for beginners and experts that you can use to contribute to @openstreetmap while enjoying a geocaching-like adventure at the same time. And that my only feature request would be some gamification e.g. with "awards" or "achievements" to motivate even more people to contribute.

Now I realise this has been implemented since version 19 \°/

Thank you Tobias Zwick!

Once upon a time: "... our 8-inch or 14-inch fixed disk drives store from 5 to 58 megabytes."

Today is . Time to introduce my new love: Bergamont Vitess 7

Perfect mix of having a relaxed upright position during urban cycling but also possibility for sporty driving in the outside.

Key features: Rigid fork, deraillleur gears, 50mm tires, full trekking equipment

"Cost-benefit-analyses (CBA) are widely used to assess transport projects. Gössling, Choi, Dekker and Metzler conclude in their paper that the range of parameters considered in EU transport CBA is limited. A comprehensive list of criteria is presented, and unit costs identified.

Results suggest that each kilometer driven by car incurs an external COST of €0.11, while cycling and walking represent BENEFITS of €0.18 and €0.37 per kilometer."

Nach der Kehrtwende in weg von zu der neue Koalitionsvertrag jetzt so:

"Wo immer technisch und finanziell möglich setzt die Stadt auf und -lizenzierte und vermeidet damit absehbare ." ...

Da steht auch es gäbe ein "öffentlich zugängliches Open Source Dashboard inkl. Kostenbilanz" - konnte ich allerdings nicht finden. Hat da zufälllig jemand einen Link?

In Israel the people currently demonstrate against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu while keeping physical distance of 2m from each other:

When I think a little bit ahead and I Imagine big protest marchs in 2021 of 100.000 people and more and they keep 2m distance from each other - this can actually become a very powerful way to e.g. block a whole city center and not just some prominent streets.

Since humans are staying home these days, I can enjoy watching a every day who found home in the empty school yard next to my house.

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