Offensichtlich alles richtig gemacht und ein Chapeau! an die vom für die konsequente Anwendung gendergerechter Sprache:

One of the reasons I love : In my vacation I walked through Orgiva, passed by a waterway that was falsely shown as a road on the map, shot a picture and opened an issue using - three weeks later mapper kapazao fixes it and now everyone can benefit. Dear mappers, thank you so much for all the map <3

I have the feeling the feminist movement in Spain is way more advanced than in Germany. Walking through Órgiva, a little town in the outback with some 5000 inhabitants, you find every now and then prominent signs saying: no gender violence by man

is not only the worlds first paprika, but also a very beautiful plant with violet and green. And soon it will spice up my life \°/

In they now have Plugs with smiling faces to charge your device.
Offering drinking water points instead would be the real , greatly help to recharge our human batteries and be healthier for everyone.

Hoy estamos con un stand de la @fsfe en la . Si estas interesado en , y la , nos encuentras en la Community Village.

Bei @conradgermany dürfen nur gläserne Kunden einkaufen. Schämt euch!

(Funfact: das ist ein ganz normaler Browser und kein "privater Modus")

"Keep on hacking for a free world" - participants at the @fsfe web-a-thon, day 2.

(and btw: please also vote towards a free world)

Still for Freedom at the @fsfe web-a-thon on this beautiful sunny day (not included i n the picture) in the

Happy to everyone from the @fsfe web-a-thon and hugs to the for hosting us <3

"Creo que, por primera vez , muchos políticos comprendieron qué es el ."

Mi entrevista con Iyán Méndez Veiga sobre el y como convencieron al de de firmar la carta abierta de la campaña "¿Dinero Público? ¡Código Público!"

is a in Oviedo who convinced the of to to be the first Parliament to sign the demanding "Public Money? !"

I found this very motivating for any local activist and so I conducted an interview with Iyán Méndez Veiga for insights about their success story:

To all : I have two tomatoes and five paprika over to give in responsible hands.
To be picked up from my home for 5-10 Euro as a contribution towards my expenses and I invite you for a coffee/tee with me and you tell me why you love Open Source and/or gardening.

An alle : Ich habe zwei Tomaten und fünf Paprika in verantwortungsvolle Hände abzugeben.
Abzuholen bei mir zu Hause gegen Unkostenbeitrag von 5-10 Euro und ich lade dich auf eine Tasse Kaffee/Tee mit mir ein und du erzählst mir was du an Open Source und/oder am Gärtnern magst.

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