Honoured to have been elected unanimously by @fsfe 's members to serve another two-year term as president.

Looking forward to work together with Heiki, Patrick and all the other @fsfe contributors for !


@solanaceae Exactly. Transparency and the freedom of to accept it, to do it likewise or to oppose and set-up your own instance. This gives communities the chance for good self-governance instead of having to accept obscure decisions and algorithms imposed by central authorities.

Mastodon 3.0 comes with feature and the option for admins to publish their :


This sounds like great steps towards collectively establishing safe and transparent community standards, empowerment of users and a web of trust: "We want you to not just see who was blocked, but why. "

Happy to be here on !

Do you know there is a inernational aid organization based in Berlin that works on solutions for challenges in by publishing all their innovation as ? ( & )

It is called cadus.org

Since many years already, CADUS helps and provides healthcare in Northern , in Rojava, Raqqa, Al-Hawl. And they still do!

Now would be a pretty good time to support them.

At our regular #FSFE supporter meeting today in #Berlin we will have a talk by Gabriel Ku Wei Bin about the Next Generation Internet Zero Initiative. The talk will be held in English language and start at 7:30p.m.. Everybody interested in #FreeSoftware is invited to join us.

The meeting itself will start as usual at 7p.m. at the youth-club E-LOK, Laskerstraße 4-6, near Ostkreuz station (5 minute walk). There is food and drink at fair prices. The entrance to the youth-club is over the right entry to the yard and it is barrier-free.

Laskerstraße 4-6, Berlin

@marian gibt es diesen Antrag auch irgendwo öffentlich zu lesen (read-only) ohne Mitglied der Grünen zu sein?

There are very few moments in my life in which I feel so much as one with all my fellow human beings as after a successful blood donation.

Try it out or repeat : )

Über und :

"Wenn wir mit Bäumepflanzen anfangen und mit Kohleverstromen aufhören, haben wir mehr geschafft, als es jede neue, bisher nonexistente Technik zum selben Preis je schaffen könnte."


“Sobald etwas verkauft ist, verliert es sein Wert“, erklärte Melanie Jaeger-Erben, Professorin für Nachhaltigskeitsforschung der TU Berlin und plädierte dafür “die ständige kulturelle Produktion von Wertlosigkeit“ zu beenden.

Wichtiges Thema und ein schöner Bericht über das Reparatur-Festival:

I love : It took me and only 9 minutes to precisely batch geotag 784 pictures with 6,4 GB by using 14 different tracks, that I recorded with during my last vacation.

Find a how to use it here: blog.3rik.cc/2018/02/how-to-ba

In die angesprochenen Themen habe ich keine Einblicke und deshalb keine Ahnung von konkreten Zahlen. Der Flyer wurde mir von einem Flaschensammler in die Hand gedrückt und die Initiative hat meine grundsätzliche Sympathie. Darum teile ich sie hier.

Und weil ich es interessant finde zu sehen wie Menschen außerhalb meiner Techie-Filter-Bubble untereinander kommunizieren und das Internet wahrnehmen wenn da steht "Auf eingeben" statt einer :


Das Bundesinnenministerium hat eine Marktanalyse in Auftrag gegeben zur "Reduzierung von Abhängigkeiten zu einzelnen IT-Anbietern in der Bundesverwaltung"


Finde gut, dass darin auf Seite 13/14 auch die zunehmende Einflussnahme großer Marktteilnehmer auf Entwicklungen thematisiert und reflektiert wird sowie "das Risiko, dass ehemals quelloffene Software durch Übernahmen langfristig wird."

Hey , can anyone please explain me how I can follow a pixelfed.de account with my pixelfed.social account? Or with my account? @Tobias

If you see an open-source project that has support for Twitter (in one way or another, could even be just linking to Twitter profiles in a website theme) but not Mastodon, go file an issue and ask kindly for it to support Mastodon, too.

Let's help this network grow!

I was actually not referring to the energy but the technologies behind. If you have a "usual" bicycle it runs without proprietary bullshit or vendor lock-in, without DRM or tracking. Instead it is built in a and with so you can bring it to any shop or even fix it . That is what I call .

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