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Welcome to our cluster full of workshops, sessions and shadow. Pass by to have a chat with us about the political and ethical dimensions of technology and don't miss to check out our walk-in stickers-box:


All you need is love ... well, and !

The legendary is back for the . Join us in celebrating love for Free Software by crowdsinging the Free Software song tonight at 19:30 in the Cluster :

All creatures welcome!

Dear visitors, the village is set up and running and waiting for you to pass by, relax in our cosy space and talk with us about digital , , and
@fsfe @c3sustainability

Heute Abend um 21:10 spreche ich "Über die von " in der Three-Headed Monkey Village auf dem und im Stream. All listeners welcome.

Tomorrow looks like 1 dream of my childhood comes true: I speak in the Village of the three-headed monkey, next to the scumm-bar in the current program version " 2: 's Revenge" <3

(oh, and btw, the talk is about sustainable software)

Offensichtlich alles richtig gemacht und ein Chapeau! an die vom für die konsequente Anwendung gendergerechter Sprache:

One of the reasons I love : In my vacation I walked through Orgiva, passed by a waterway that was falsely shown as a road on the map, shot a picture and opened an issue using - three weeks later mapper kapazao fixes it and now everyone can benefit. Dear mappers, thank you so much for all the map <3

Cunningham's Law

Ward is credited with the idea:

"The best way to get the right answer on the Internet is not to ask a question, it's to post the wrong answer."

This refers to the observation that people are quicker to correct a wrong answer than to answer a question.

Although nothing new, it is ever again shocking how the system fails to respect user's of technology and . A recent study by IMDEA networks and University Carlos III of Madrid across 1700 devices show how preinstalled apps have privileged permissions but no "normal" possibility for deinstallation and the majority of them being connected with online systems for purposes:
thanks at @espablo93

Good news: There is an annual summit organized to collaborate on ways to reduce the of systems, while still meeting performance and other goals:

Guter Aufruf von Jan Mahn an euch um mit eurem zu helfen zu verbessern:

Daraus: "Der Staat – und zwar auf allen Ebenen, von der Gemeinde bis nach Berlin oder Brüssel – sollte per Gesetz verpflichtet werden, neue Software-Lösungen nur noch als Software in Auftrag zu geben."

I have the feeling the feminist movement in Spain is way more advanced than in Germany. Walking through Órgiva, a little town in the outback with some 5000 inhabitants, you find every now and then prominent signs saying: no gender violence by man

Na los:

"Call for tenders: Study on the impact of Open Source Software and Hardware on technological independence, competitiveness and innovation …" #EU #OpenSource

Harald Welzer zitierte jemanden in Interview mit den Worten, dass man statt Wachstum und Wachstumssteigerung auch sagen könnte die Verbräuche sind wieder gestiegen.

Ich denke das ist ein guter Move, jedesmal wenn ein Politiker von Wachstum, Wachstum Wachstum redet, im "steigende Verbräuche" zurück zu spiegeln.

#Politik #Konsum #Wachstum #JungundNaiv

is not only the worlds first paprika, but also a very beautiful plant with violet and green. And soon it will spice up my life \°/

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