DEVONthink 3, a major overhaul and improvement from @devontech, was released today. My review from the perspective of a lawyer is up on 40Tech:

Excited to sign up for Apple News+ so I can add to the backlog of 893 items in my free reading queue that I'll never get to

Forget the chicken and the egg. Which comes first - the sleepless night from too much caffeine during the day, or drinking too much caffeine during the day to overcome last night’s sleepless night?

If you attended the "Mac Mastery" session at the ABA TECHSHOW last week (or even if you didn't), I've shared downloads and links to some of the workflows and processes I use in my practice:

TFW on the morning of a speaking engagement when you discover that a web app updated its main interface just a few days ago, apparently just after you had finished prepping in Keynote to cover that app.

My text editor obsession led me to come up with this AppleScript that lets me send my draft blog posts from BBEdit to MarsEdit for publishing:

Want a reason to visit Chicago next month not involving a polar vortex? How about ? I'm presenting 2 sessions, with @heidialexander & @thinkpinklaw. See many other great speakers like @bburney, @MacSparky, & @jeffrichardson, + a huge EXPO hall

Is it weird that I'm not a programmer, yet I'm completely fascinated and obsessed with BBEdit right now?

TiVo on the Apple TV? Yay. I love, love, love my TiVo, and a functional TV app on Apple TV, Roku, etc would keep me from looking at online streaming services, at least for now, even at 720p and 30 FPS. Great for infrequently used TVs in the house. Post:

If you've ever wanted to add HomeKit support to non-HomeKit devices, & you have a Synology, don't be afraid to check out Homebridge using either the method Casey Liss used, or the method I used → Source:

That feeling when you're giving your dad Apple Watch instructions over the phone, and you slowly realize he's been wearing it locked since you got it for him. 3 weeks ago.

Setting up Homebridge using Docker on the Synology was waaaaay easier than when I set it up on my Mac a couple years, thanks to a package somebody made. Can now add some items to Homekit that aren’t normally Homekit compatible.

These Prices to back up my site to Amazon S3 are killing me.

(Either that or I just know the majority of people buy them)

Completely anecdotal, but it seems like a bunch of HomePods were sold this holiday season.

Wish list item for 2019: Someone to make a HomeKit-compatible surveillance camera that can record to a Synology

I can't be the only one who thought he was listening to the Gilligan's Island theme song in the background, and it turned out to be God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen.

I probably should have appended the words "for me" to the end of this title so it doesn't come across as click-baity - iPad Limitations With Reactive Work: Source:

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